Sam Washington ’81 P’14 ’17 Shares Five Tips for Admission Interviewers in New Article

As the fall application and admission season gets underway, Samuel Washington ’81 P’14 ’17, Lawrenceville’s Associate Dean of Admission and Director of Multicultural Affairs, has a few tips for admission professionals about factors to consider when interviewing applicants. A member of Lawrenceville’s admission team since 1999, Washington authored the article, “The Interview: Am I Buying or Am I Selling?,” published online by the Enrollment Management Association.
In the article, Washington draws on his more than 25 years of independent school admission work to offer his views on how admission interviewers need to be skilled in both the art of selling as well as the nuances of buying. Using the analogy of a customer preparing to purchase a luxury automobile, Washington says today’s buyers, or applicants, are interested and knowledgeable consumers. Admissions professionals, in the role of salespeople, must understand “the needs, the motivation, and the emotion behind the decision to buy our product.”
Washington offers five tips for admission interviewers to help guide their practice throughout the grinding application season:
1. Treat every interview as if it is your first.
2. Be empathetic.
3. Check your surroundings.
4. Take a minute or two at the start to help the student relax.
5. Have a sense of humor
To read Washington’s full article, click here.

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