'Twas the Night Before Giving, or, A Visit From the Lawrenceville Fund

T’was the night before New Year’s, and all through the land,
Lawrentians were gathered, bank cards in hand.
The ball soon would drop and these good folks were ready,
Their cups raised in toast, the excitement was heady.
While the faculty nestled all snug in their beds,
As visions of Harkness days danced in their heads,
The good folks in Hogate slept nary a wink,
All they could do was sit up and think.
How do we cut through the holiday chatter,
To get donors to focus on weightier matters?
How do we get them to part with their cash,
When their attention is turned to seasonal flash?
The staff left their desks to look out at the snow,
In search of an answer to make the gifts flow,
When, what to their wondering eyes should appear,
But a calendar tolling the end of the year.
They tweeted and Facebooked and called mighty quick,
To tell those Lawrentians to get on the stick.
At midnight the taxman would start taking aim,
Their chance would be over to stay in the game.
Now, Kirby! Now, Carter! Now, McPherson! Now, Hamill!
On, Griswold! On, Stephens! On Woodhull and Haskell!
Now, Stanley! Now, Upper! Now, Dawes! Now, McClellan!
On, Dickinson! On, Kennedy! On, Reynolds and Kinnan!
You too, Raymond and Cleve, please respond to our mantra!
Click once, match your gift, click PayPal – be our Santa.
Remember how Lawrenceville made your heart sing:
Please support us online, and make our phones ring!
And when it was done and their gifts had been made,
Lawrentians returned to their parties and stayed,
And were heard to exclaim with jolly good cheer,
“We’re glad to support TLF* ev’ry year!”
You’ll find, after all, that we’re grateful indeed,
And that Lawrenceville loves you for meeting its needs.
You’ll know in a twinkle as you click on a sum,
It’s easy to give to The Lawrenceville Fund!
*The Alumni and Development Office is grateful to Lawrentians everywhere for their support of The Lawrenceville Fund/Lawrenceville Parents Fund (TLF/TLPF). During this holiday season especially, we’d like to remind you that all gifts made or postmarked by December 31 are tax-deductible for 2018.

Click here to make a gift online, and please be sure to check out the matching gift link for an easy way to double or even triple your support of Lawrenceville. We've now made it even easier to give online and through your mobile device with Apple Pay, Visa Checkout, and Masterpass. Gifts of appreciated stock may carry additional tax advantages; please call 609-896-1208 for details.


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