The Alumni Association is a vital part of today's Lawrenceville. Every three years, Lawrentians help to fulfill one of the most important duties by approving the slate of officers who will serve the Alumni Association.
The Alumni Association is one of Lawrenceville’s most important organizations, dating back to the School’s earliest days. Any student who attended The Lawrenceville School for two or more terms is considered a member, as is any honorary classmate.
The Association is governed by an Executive Committee inclusive of a president and two vice presidents, nine appointed members, and a faculty representative. Ex-officio members include representatives from each of the regional alumni clubs, the Young Alumni Council, alumni trustees, the Head of School, the president of the Board, and the chairs of The Lawrenceville Fund. The Executive Committee, among its other responsibilities, is responsible for the final selection of recipients for the Distinguished Alumnus Award, The Lawrenceville Medal (aka Aldo Leopold Award), and the Alumni Distinguished Teaching Award. The Committee also annually selects an alumnus/a to serve a four-year term on the Board of Trustees.
For more information on the Alumni Association and the roles of the Executive and other committees, please download the Constitution and Bylaws and/or click the links below.


List of 8 items.

  • Executive Committee

    The Executive Committee shall: 1) Advance the purpose and goals of the Association; 2) Consider any matter that may be brought to its attention by the Board of Trustees of the School or the Head of School, and when requested, give its opinion thereon in writing; 3) Propose amendments to the Association's Constitution and revise the Bylaws, as necessary; 4) Oversee the activities of the various committees of the Executive Committee [Refer to Section V of the Bylaws for a description of the committees and their respective responsibilities]; 5) Review and vote upon proposed officer slates (as generated by the Nominating Committee) prior to voting by the Association; 6) Vote upon proposed candidates (as generated by the Nominating Committee) for election as Selector; 7) Vote upon proposed candidates (as generated by the Nominating Committee) for the Distinguished Alumnus Award, The Lawrenceville Medal (Aldo Leopold Award) and the Alumni Distinguished Teaching Award.

    Charles C. Keller '95, President
    Heather Elliott Hoover '91 P'20 '23 '23, First Vice President
    Greg G. Melconian '87, Second Vice President
    George W. Arnett III '79 P'16
    Porter Braswell '07
    Matthew Dominy '65
    Charles B. Hughes III '68
    Morgan Morris '06
    Ralph W. Spooner '75
    Elizabeth Wilkinson '02
    Emily Wilson Elipas '05
    Steven K. Wong '01
    Emilie Kosoff H'88 '96 '00 '18 P'19
    Catherine E. Bramhall '88 (Lawrenciana)
  • Diversity and Affinity Engagement Committee

    Heather Elliott Hoover ’91 P’20 ’23 ’24, Chair
    Ralph Spooner ’75, Chair
    Matthew Dominy ’65
    Emily Wilson Elipas ’05
    Charles C. Keller ’95
    Steven K. Wong ’01
  • Class Achievement Committee

    The Class Achievement Committee shall focus on maximizing the participation level of the School’s alumni classes, as defined by a class’ ongoing relationship with the School (i.e., connectivity, commitment, continuity and financial support). The Committee shall apply a quantitative approach to “measuring” class participation and utilize that data to develop programmed responses to strengthen participation. 

    Greg G. Melconian ’87, Chair
    George W. Arnett III ’79 P’16
    Porter Braswell ’07
    Heather Elliott Hoover ’91 P’20 ’23 ‘24
    Charles C. Keller ‘95
  • Young Alumni Council

    The Young Alumni Council shall develop programs to familiarize young alumni (generally defined as the most recent fifteen classes) with the purpose, goals and work of the Association and to encourage alumni involvement and interaction. 
    Emily Wilson Elipas ’05. Co-Chair
    Morgan Morris ’06, Co-Chair
    George W. Arnett III ’79 P’16
    Porter Braswell ’07
    Elizabeth Wilkinson ’02
  • Regional Club Committee

    The Lawrenceville Regional Club Committee shall assist in the development of the Lawrenceville Clubs, work with the officers of each respective club, monitor events, assist in cultivating membership and develop opportunities for further club development.

    Elizabeth Wilkinson ’02, Chair
    Matthew Dominy ’65
    Emily Wilson Elipas ’05
    Ralph W. Spooner ’75
    Steven K. Wong ’01
  • Student Relations Committee

    The Student Relations Committee shall develop programs to familiarize current Lawrenceville students with the purpose and work of the Association
    Heather Elliott Hoover ’91 P’20 ’23 ’24
    Charles B. Hughes III ’68
    Ralph W. Spooner ’75
    Elizabeth Wilkinson ’02
  • Nominating Committee

    The Nominating Committee shall: 1) Present annually to the Executive Committee a slate of three alumni to stand for election as Selectors; 2) Recommend for appointment by the President of the Executive Committee proposed new members of the Executive Committee to replace members whose terms have expired or who have left the Executive Committee for other reasons; 3) Present to the Executive Committee a slate of officers every three years to stand for election as officers of the Association; 4) Present annually a list of qualified alumni for consideration by the Selectors for selection as Alumni Trustee; and 5) Present annually to the Executive Committee an alumnus to receive the Distinguished Alumnus Award. In addition, the Nominating Committee may: 1) Annually nominate to the Executive Committee an alumnus to receive The Lawrenceville Medal/Aldo Leopold Award; and 2) Annually nominate to the Executive Committee candidates to receive the Alumni Distinguished Teaching Award.  
    Heather Elliott Hoover ’91 P’20 ’23 ’24, Chair
    Porter Braswell ’07
    Charles B. Hughes III ’68
    Charles C. Keller ’95
    Greg G. Melconian ’87
    Morgan Morris ’06
    Ralph W. Spooner ’75
  • Reunion Planning Committee

    The Reunion Planning Committee shall annually designate a weekend, with the agreement of the Head of School, to be celebrated by a reunion of the alumni of the School, to be known as Alumni Weekend. In addition, the Committee shall consult with and make recommendations to the Office of Alumni and Development on the schedule of activities and other details of Alumni Weekend.
    Heather Elliott Hoover ’91 P’20 ’23 ’24, Chair
    Matthew Dominy ’65
    Emily Wilson Elipas ’05
    Morgan Morris ’06
    Steven K. Wong ’01

Recognition & Awards

Lawrenceville alumni and faculty members deserve equal recognition, and the School takes great pride in their achievements. Whether in the classroom, on campus, or in the community, both as professionals and as volunteers, Lawrentians of every age and era have much to celebrate. There are several ways we laud their accomplishments.

List of 6 items.

  • Alumni Distinguished Teaching Award

    Each year, The Alumni Association selects one or two long-time faculty members for its Alumni Distinguished Teaching Award.  Presented on behalf of all Lawrenceville School alumni, parents and friends, this award gratefully acknowledges the recipient's distinguished classroom teaching and many contributions to The Lawrenceville School. The Alumni Distinguished Teaching Award is presented to teachers who, upon retirement or leaving the Lawrenceville School, have served for a substantial period of time and whose service to so many Lawrentians is worthy of special praise.
    The Alumni Association seeks nominations for this award.  Please let us know who you would like to see recognized in this way.

    Alumni Distinguished Teaching Award Recipients

    2018 Rusty Hlavack H’95 ’17 P’06 ’08
    2018 Martha Gracey H ’92 ’93 ’07 P’18
    2018 Marshall Chambers H’62 P’77
    2017 Harold B. Wilder H ’77 ’89 ’15 P’97
    2017 Benjamin F. Briggs
    2016 William P. Tredway H’81 ’88 ’10 - (posthumous)
    2016 D. Davison Cantlay H’89 ’91 ’93 ’94 ’15 P’07 ’09 ’11
    2015 Deborah McKay H’85 ’88 ’94 ’14 P’97
    2015 Edmund R. Megna H’50 ’85 P’64 ’67 ’70 ’76 (posthumous)
    2014 Charlie Williams ’67 H’85 ’98 P’94 ’97
    2014 Dr. Thomas H. Johnson P’61 (posthumous)
    2013  Leita V. Hamill H’65 ’88 ’99 P’96 ’99
    2013 Catherine Boczkowski H’80 ’11 P’89 ’91 (posthumous)
    2012 Edward A. Robbins H’68 ’69 ’71 ’11
    2012 Thomas M. Page H’66 (posthumous)
    2011 William M. Dickey ’64 H’93 P’93
    2011 Edward R. Stehle H’79 ’08
    2010 Wade C. Stephens ’50 H’68 P’78 GP’06 (posthumous)
    2010 Lawrence L. Hlavacek H’55 ’61 GP’06 ’08 (posthumous)
    2010 William H. Graupner ’64 H’81 P’91 ’95
    2009 John M. Doggett, Jr. H’82 ’86 ’87 ’88 ’92 ’98 P’00
    2009 Jose L. Marti H’84 ’87 ’95 P’91 ’95 ’01
    2008 Alvin M. Philpet, Jr. H’75
    2008 H. Carty Lynch, Jr. H’71 ’84 (posthumous) 
    2007 Kenneth W. Keuffel H’59 ’61 ’89 ’90 P’79 (posthumous)
    2007 Frederick W. Gerstell H’77
    2005 David D. Wicks ’36 (posthumous)
    2005 Max A. Maxwell H’74 ’80 ’81 ’91
    2004 Lewis Perry, Jr. H’52 P’65
    2004 James T. Adams ’65 H’82 ’96 ’01 P’93 (posthumous)
    2003 W. Graham Cole, Jr. H’77 ’80 ’83 ’85 ’87 P’91 ’95
    2003 Norval F. Bacon, Jr. H’49 (posthumous)
    2002 John W. King H’79 ’01 P’88 ’90 (posthumous)
    2002 John A. Ellis H’73
    2001 Theodore H. Keller H’41 ’64 GP’69 ’74 GGP’04 (posthumous)
    2001 William J. Jackson H’74 P’74 GP’03
    2000 Samuel P Harding H’85 P’87 ’89
    2000 Jordan C. Churchill H’44 (posthumous)
    1999 Charles F. Weeden III H’65 ’92 P’77 ’79 ’87 (posthumous)
    1999 Paul D. Porter H’68 ’69 ’72 P’76 ’78
    1999 Peter C. Candler H’67 ’76
    1998 John J. Reydel H’60 ’62 ’65 ’68
    1998 Bruce McClellan H’57 ’60 GP’10
    1997 Henry C. Woods, Jr. ’40 H’59 ’62 (posthumous)
    1997 A. Graham Down H’60 ’63 ’64 ’67
    1997 Herman Besselink H’88 (posthumous)
    1996 James C. Waugh H’74 ’85 ’88 GP’12 ’14 ’16
    1996 Thomas J. Johnston H’65 P’74 (posthumous)
    1996 George A. Diehl H’41
  • Alumni Trustee

    A list of distinguished alumni is presented each year for review by the Selectors, who pick one to be proposed as Alumni Trustee to serve a four-year term on The Lawrenceville School Board of Trustees. The Executive Committee unanimously passed a resolution, with support from a number of Trustees, emphasizing the requirement of extensive service to the School through its various alumni programs.

    Current Alumni Trustees

    Michael T. “Tim” Wojciechowicz ’78 P’06 ’10 ’12 
    Term Expires 2020
    Mark M. Larsen ’72 P’01 ’04 ’06
    Term Expires 2021
  • Distinguished Alumni

    The Executive Committee annually selects an alumnus/a for this, the Alumni Association's most prestigious award, an individual who has devoted long hours and hard work in promoting the interests of the School over an extended period of time.

    Distinguished Alumni Recipients

    2018 Dod A. Fraser ’68 P’98 ’01
    2017 William G. Bardel ’57 P’93
    2016 Loyal W. Wilson ’66 P’05 ’12
    2015 Peter A. Dow ’50
    2014 John “Jack” P. Belli ’44 P’70 ’71 ’74 GP’06
    2012 Timothy R. Cutting ’47
    2013 Brooke N. Williams ’63 P’90 ’93 ’95 
    2011 John Wellemeyer ’55 P’18
    2009 John A. Pirovano ’59 P’93
    2008 Stephen H. Ackerman ’53
    2007 William H. Taft ’48
    2006 William C. Crooks ’66 P’04 ’05
    2005 Artemis A.W. Joukowsky ’50 P’80
    2004 Mortimer B. Fuller III ’60 P’89 ’01
    2003 Dunbar Abston, Jr. ’49 P’79
    2002 Jansen Noyes III ’65
    2001 Henry C. Woods, Jr. ’40 H’59 ’62
    2000 Stanley C. Roskind ’56
    1999 Paul B. Mott, Jr. ’47 P’76 ’85 GP’18
    1998 Harold B. Erdman ’42 GP ’00 ’13
    1997 K. Philip Dresdner ’45 P’72 ’73 ’76 GP’04
    1996 David A. Bardes ’47 P’81
    1995 Donald E. Charles ’43
    1994 Joseph T. Breneman II ’49
    1993 Howard L. Hill ’29
    1992 Walter N. Plaut ’37 P’66 GP’96 ’00
    1990 Francis H. Dyckman, Jr. ’44 P’81 GP’17
    1990 John F. Kelsey, Jr. ’42 P’65 ’73
    1989 Edmund A. Stanley, Jr. ’43
    1988 Linton F. Murdock ’39 
  • Selectors

    Alumni Selectors fulfill an important and unique role at Lawrenceville. Two selectors are elected each year by vote of all alumni to serve a three-year term. The Selectors meet yearly and choose a Lawrentian to join the Board of Trustees for a four-year term as Alumni Trustee.

    Current Alumni Selectors

    Jim A. Rowan, Jr. '66
    Emily Wilson '05 
    Term Expires 2021
    Rocky Barber '69 P'08
    Nina Kumar '02
    Term Expires 2022
    Maine Park '88 P'23 '24
    Emily Starkey '03
    Term Expires 2023
  • The Lawrenceville Fund Prizes

    Each year, the School recognizes those classes that have demonstrated exemplary enthusiasm and support for The Lawrenceville Fund. Congratulations to the winners of this year’s Prizes, and thank you to the alumni whose spirit and generosity helped to earn these distinctions.
    Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2020
    Class of 1925 Award
    To the class giving the most dollars to The Lawrenceville Fund: The Class of 1986, with $308,273 in gifts to The Lawrenceville Fund.
    Class of 1940 Cup
    To the class having the highest number of contributions to The Lawrenceville Fund: The Class of 1964 with 51 donors.
    The Fred A. Eichelberger Award
    To the class with 15 or more, but fewer than 100 members having the highest percentage of participation to The Lawrenceville Fund: The Class of 1955 with 90% participation.  
    The Bruce and Mary Elizabeth McClellan Award
    To the class with 100 or more members having the highest participation: The Class of 1966
    Class of 1965 Award
    To the class that most significantly furthered enthusiasm for and support of the School: The Class of 1955
  • The Lawrenceville Medal/Aldo Leopold Award

    The Lawrenceville Medal, the highest honor the School may grant, is conferred upon an alumnus or alumna who has demonstrated “brilliant, life‑long work in a significant field of endeavor.” The Medal is dedicated to the memory of Aldo Leopold ’05, the distinguished environmentalist and author, and is awarded annually by the Alumni Association at the Aldo Leopold Dinner.

    The Lawrenceville Medal Recipients

    2017 David B. Ottoway '57 P'86 '91
    2016 Robert J. Burkhardt ’58 P’08 ’09
    2015 Sheridan G. Snyder ’54
    2014 HRH Prince Turki Al-Faisal ’63 P’94 ’07
    2013 Bob Ryan ’64
    2012 Hugh Cregg ’67 
    2011 Wayne W. Meisel ’78 P’13
    2010 Charles C.J. Carpenter ’48 
    2009 Michael D. Eisner ’60 
    2008 Butler W. Lampson ’60 P’90 
    2007 The Honorable J. Harvie Wilkinson III ’63 
    2006 Paul Moravec ’75 
    2005 Ricardo Maduro ’63 
    2004 Alan D. D'Andrea ’74 
    2003 Fox Butterfield ’57 
    2002 George A. Akerlof ’58 

    2001 Sheldon Meyer ’44 
    2000 F. M. Kirby ’38 GP’11 ’12 ’15 ’18
    1999 Harold W. McGraw, Jr. ’36 GP’95
    1998 Edmund A. Stanley, Jr. ’43 
    1997 Peter Lawson-Johnston ’45 GP’95 ’98 ’15 ’18
    1996 Philip H. Jordan, Jr. ’50 H’61 ’96 P’85 ’90
    1995 John N. Irwin II ’33 P’72 GP’07 ’11
    1994 John B. Oakes ’30 
    1993 Frederick Buechner ’43 
    1992 Robert F. Goheen ’36 
    1991 James Merrill ’43 

Lawrenceville Lexicon

The Lawrenceville Lexicon was a gift from the Alumni Association to the School at its Bicentennial in 2010. Editor Merrell Noden ’73 and his team of alumni and parents spent three years combing the archives, calling alumni and faculty, and researching everything from trolley lines to golf course architects. Lawrenceville has accumulated many stories over its 200-plus year history.

This is the third edition of the Lexicon, completed in spring 2015.
Through House and Harkness, Lawrenceville challenges a diverse community of promising young people to lead lives of learning, integrity, and high purpose.  Our mission is to inspire the best in each to seek the best for all.