Meet Our Team

List of 35 members.

  • Photo of Tracey Allen

    Tracey Allen 

    Development Communications Manager
    (609) 620-6048
  • Photo of Amy Baldwin

    Amy Baldwin 

    Administrative Assistant to The Lawrenceville Fund
  • Photo of Mary Kate Barnes H'59 '77 P'11 '13 '19

    Mary Kate Barnes H'59 '77 P'11 '13 '19 

    Assistant Head of School; Director of Advancement
    (609) 895-2100
  • Photo of Skylar Beaver

    Skylar Beaver 

    Asst. Dir. of Advancement; Dir. of The Lawrenceville Fund; Dir. of Alumni and Family Engagement
    (609) 895-2185
  • Photo of David Bernhardt

    David Bernhardt 

    Leadership Gift Officer
    (609) 895-2019
  • Photo of Piper Burrows H'49

    Piper Burrows H'49 

    Leadership Gift Officer
    (609) 895-2083
  • Photo of Greg Carter

    Greg Carter 

    Assistant Director of Advancement; Director of Principal and Leadership Giving
    (609) 895-2114
  • Photo of Elizabeth Casey P'21 '24

    Elizabeth Casey P'21 '24 

    Director of Reunion Giving Campaigns
    (609) 620-6897
  • Photo of Elijah Dolbear

    Elijah Dolbear 

    Director of Advancement Systems
    (609) 620-7610
  • Photo of Christine Dorsett

    Christine Dorsett 

    Research and Data Specialist
    (609) 620-6790
  • Photo of Veronica Drumm

    Veronica Drumm 

    Office Manager and Assistant to the Director of Advancement Engagement
  • Photo of Lisa Dunham

    Lisa Dunham 

    Stewardship Manager
    (609) 895-2189
  • Photo of Dayle Edwards

    Dayle Edwards 

    Administrative Assistant to The Lawrenceville Fund
    (609) 895-2190
  • Photo of Maureen Ehret H'72 P'06 '12

    Maureen Ehret H'72 P'06 '12 

    Director of Red & Black Leadership Society
    (609) 895-2192
  • Photo of Iris Emery

    Iris Emery 

    Administrative Assistant to Advancement Engagement
    (609) 895-2080
  • Photo of Gabrielle Gilmore

    Gabrielle Gilmore 

    Special Projects Coordinator and Assistant to the Director of Development
    (609) 895-2146
  • Photo of Meghana Golden

    Meghana Golden 

    Director of the Lawrenceville Parents Fund and Young Alumni Giving
    (609) 895-2219
  • Photo of John Gore

    John Gore Jr. H'61 '64 

    Director of Alumni Relations
    (609) 895-2078
  • Photo of Sean Grieve

    Sean Grieve 

    Leadership Gift Officer
    (609) 620-6018
  • Photo of Joanna Harmonosky H'49

    Joanna Campbell Harmonosky H'49 

    Director of Advancement Engagement
    (609) 895-2169
  • Photo of Kelly Hart

    Kelly Hart 

    Marketing and Digital Strategy Manager
    (609) 620-7649
  • Photo of Barbara Horn

    Barbara Horn 

    Director of Development Communications
    (609) 895-2167
  • Photo of Zorela Jimenez H'48 '49 '54

    Zorela Jimenez H'48 '49 '54 

    Associate Director for Regional and Affinity Affairs
    (609) 895-2152
  • Photo of Alexander McDowell

    Alexander McDowell 

    Director of Parent Giving
    (609) 895-2182
  • Photo of Jerry Muntz

    Jerry Muntz 

    Director of Planned Giving
    (609) 620-6064
  • Photo of Dolores Prunetti

    Dolores Prunetti 

    Executive Assistant to the Assistant Head of School/Director of Advancement
    (609) 895-2011
  • Photo of Carley  Roberson

    Carley  Roberson 

    Advancement Events Manager
    (609) 895-2084
  • Photo of Marlee Schmucker

    Marlee Schmucker 

    Associate Director of The Lawrenceville Fund
    (609) 895-2111
  • Photo of Victoria Senger

    Victoria Senger 

    Director of Research and Prospect Management
  • Photo of Florence Skirzynski

    Florence Skirzynski 

    Manager, Planned Giving Office
    (609) 620-6952
  • Photo of Sarah Swan

    Sarah Swan 

    Director of Donor Relations and Stewardship
    (609) 895-2151
  • Photo of Jiwon Tilghman

    Jiwon Tilghman 

    Junior Leadership Gifts Officer
    (609) 895-2036
  • Photo of Jack Werts P'22

    Jack Werts P'22 

    Gift Records and Reporting Manager
    (609) 620-6959
  • Photo of Audrey Ziomek

    Audrey Ziomek 

    Associate Director of the Lawrenceville Fund
    (609) 620-6050
  • Photo of Kelly Zsenak

    Kelly Zsenak 

    Director of Information Management
    (609) 895-2195

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Through House and Harkness, Lawrenceville challenges a diverse community of promising young people to lead lives of learning, integrity, and high purpose.  Our mission is to inspire the best in each to seek the best for all.