It’s never been a more exciting time to be a dancer at Lawrenceville!
Lawrenceville offers an impressive roster of ballet, modern, and jazz dance classes for students of all experience levels and is home to a host of student-led dance companies. Performance opportunities abound throughout the year and Lawrenceville is in the planning stages of a new state-of-the-art dance annex and performance space.

There are many opportunities for a dancer to participate on whatever level they feel most comfortable, from beginner to advanced. Students take three or four dance classes a week (depending on their interests and level), which fulfill the School’s student athletic requirement. The “Special Workout” class, for example, challenges our more elite dancers, offering them an opportunity to work closely with their instructor to explore the art of choreography, music, and movement. Classes are held in Lawrenceville’s three studios (two with marly sprung floors and one with a large wooden floor for modern and jazz).
En Corps is our student dance club and home to our four dance companies: the Lawrenceville Dance Team (the elite, competitive company), Tour de Force (the spirit company), Lkr3w (the breakin’/hip hop company), and Nachelle (the tradition/Bollywood company). Each of these companies was Lawrentian-founded and we encourage and support the efforts of students who wish to create others that match their dance interests.

Lawrenceville dancers perform throughout the year, everywhere from the School’s fall musical, to the winter sports Red & White Spirit Night, to the Starbound National Dance Competition (which Lawrenceville won High Gold, in their category, seven years in a row). The dance year culminates with Lawrenceville’s annual Spring Dance Concert, an inspiring chance for our young choreographers to produce their works and have them showcased.
There are myriad of ways for dancers to express, experience, and enjoy their dance desires. Dance at Lawrenceville is on the move and we want you to get in step with us.

Thank you!

Derrick Wilder
Director of Dance

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  • Photo of Derrick Wilder

    Derrick Wilder 

    Director of Dance
  • Photo of Colette Burns

    Colette Burns 

    Office Manager/Private Music Lesson Coordinator, Director of Lawrenceville Performing Arts Camp
  • Photo of Kristin Devine

    Kristin Devine 

    Dance Instructor
  • Photo of Sarah Pearl Heard

    Sarah Pearl Heard 

    English Teaching Fellow; Dance Instructor
  • Photo of Kevin  Jones

    Kevin  Jones 

    Dance Instructor
  • Photo of Erika Mero

    Erika Mero 

    Dance Instructor
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