We theatre folks believe that the actual making of art is our unique gift to the School. So, we offer courses that allow you to apply the theory you learn in class to actually doing plays. Our classes are hands-on and project oriented.
Once you complete our “Foundations of Theatre” class, you will possess the skills to act a leading role in a play or to direct one for our Winterfest Theatre Festival. We offer advanced, 500-level courses too. You may even find yourself directing a full-length, faculty-supported play of your choice someday, if you put in the time and effort. We empower our students to do their own work, you see. We know no better way to learn.
We are flexible too. If you play a varsity sport, for example, you could engage us in that trimester by joining our popular Impulse Comedy Troupe, or, you could request to play a smaller role in any of our other offerings. And not to worry, we always provide a “varsity level” arts experience in every single trimester so you won’t miss out.

I imagine you already know about our Parents' Weekend Musical in October, a must-see highlight of our theatre program. We, all of us (some 60 strong, including six faculty), come back for a three-day “preseason” prior to the School’s official opening to rehearse and tech all day long. It may be exhausting, but no one has more fun than we do! For singers, we also provide easy opportunity for lessons and a great choral program in the Music Department plus a Winterfest favorite, the Broadway Cabaret.

I end by sharing thoughts from one of our students who finally discovered the joy. He is the kind of person you will meet here in the Kirby Arts Center:

I joined the Tech Crew because I knew I would never forgive myself if I left Lawrenceville without seeing what theatre was all about. Three musicals, dozens of black box plays, and two dance concerts had passed with me in the audience thinking to myself, “I have to be a part of this one day.” As it turned out, all I had to do was ask.
And I never could have imagined what I would find on the other side of the fourth wall. Above all, there was enthusiasm. Group work is not new to me – I’ve been to MIT with the math kids and to state meets with the runners, worked in-office for two publications and laughed with my fellow Tour Guides. But never before had I experienced such passion and fellow feeling, or seen someone stream with tears and choke on their own emotion as Marina did the last night of SDC (Spring Dance Concert). No other experience was as genuine or as beautiful: we’re here for us, I suddenly realized, and not for some other ambition. This is our work. We own it.
With all best wishes,
Christopher Cull
Director of Theatre

Our Faculty

List of 4 members.

  • Photo of Colette Burns

    Colette Burns 

    Office Manager/Private Music Lesson Coordinator, Director of Lawrenceville Performing Arts Camp
  • Photo of Matthew Campbell

    Matthew Campbell 

    Performing Arts Teacher
  • Photo of James Cuthrell

    James Cuthrell 

    Technical Director of the Kirby Arts Center; Drama Teacher
  • Photo of Derrick Wilder

    Derrick Wilder 

    Director of Dance
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