The mission of the athletic training department is to enhance the quality of health care for student athletes and those students engaged in physical activity at The Lawrenceville School. 

Evaluations, treatment and rehabilitation of athletic injuries are performed during or after the academic day. An injured athlete can seek attention from the athletic trainer during their free period, consultation, or X period. No appointment is necessary. If the student does not have a free period, they can come after school.

Injured Athletes Policy

The role of the athletic trainer is for the care and prevention of athletic injuries. If an athlete is injured on the athletic field, he/she needs to be evaluated by the athletic trainer who will either be on site or available via a walkie talkie. The athletic trainer will evaluate the injury and decide if a doctor's referral is necessary. If the school physician does not need to be summoned, then rehabilitation of the injury will start right away.
Service is rendered to an injured athlete on a first-come-first-serve basis. No appointment is necessary.

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  • Taping for Lawrenceville Students

    The Lawrenceville Athletic Training Staff tape only athletes with orthopedic problems. Preventative taping will be performed with athletic trainer approval and as long as the athlete comes every day. If an injured athlete needs to be taped, he/she must first be evaluated by the athletic trainer who will decide whether or not taping is necessary. If the athletic trainer approves, the injured athlete will be taped after school by someone on staff. The athlete should plan ahead and come early enough so that he/she is not late for practice.
  • Athletic Training Room

    When an athlete enters the athletic training room, he/she must sign in on athletic training room computer. Service will be rendered on a first-come first-serve basis. The athlete must also be aware that no cleats or muddy shoes are allowed in the athletic training room or the field house.
  • Injured and Cannot Participate

    If the athlete is injured enough that he/she can not participate in a full practice, a note will be given to the athlete for the coach. The injured athlete will receive another note when his/her status has changed. This means, the athlete must continue to see the athletic trainer on a daily basis until he/she is cleared for competition. The athlete must attend practices daily when injured unless instructed not to by the coach.
  • Other Policies

    • To help prevent injuries, no athlete should be wearing any kind of jewelry, especially rings, watches and earrings.
    • Athletes are prohibited from chewing gum during any practice or game. This includes all contact and noncontact sports.
    • During pre-season, please be aware of pre-blister hot spots. If an athlete starts to develop a hot spot, he/she should seek out a student athletic trainer so that the hot spot can be taken care of before it turns into a blister.
    • Expect to be sore during pre-season. This soreness should last 3-4 days. If the athlete stretches well before and after practice, this should help reduce some of the soreness.
    • During hot days, the athlete should make sure they drink plenty of water to decrease the chance of heat illness. A key to follow is the color of urine. If the athlete's urine is dark yellow with an odor, then they are not getting enough fluids and need to rehydrate. If it is clear and odorless, then fluid intake is OK.
    • No bandannas are to be worn. A knot in the bandanna creates extra pressure on the back of the head and neck when hit. This can lead to a severe spinal injury.


Monday: 10:00 am – End of Practice
Tuesday: 10:00 am - End of Practice
Wednesday: 10:00 am - Start of Games
Thursday: 10:00 am - End of Practice
Friday: 10:00 am - End of Practice
Saturday: 11:30 am - Start of Games

The Athletic Training Room will be closed during lunch from 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm.

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