Passport to Programs

The Bunn Library is back with a whole new season of virtual programs! This term, we’ll be doing things a bit differently, and we hope that this new program model will have something for everyone. Unlike in the past, when we’ve offered only one program at a time, we will now be offering three or more workshops every Thursday at 4:30 PM. These programs, run by Miss Cunningham, Mr. August, and other familiar faces from The Bunn Library, will cater to a wide variety of interests. We hope that by offering so many different options, everyone can find something that they’re interested in!

This new program model was created with the “Head, Heart, and Hands” learning model in mind. We’re working hard to ensure that every program option offers something for each one of these learning aspects. For the Head, each program will offer students a chance to learn something new, to expose them to new ideas and activities that they may not have thought to pursue before. For the Heart, each program will allow students time to decompress, unwind, and have fun with their friends as an outlet to deal with the stresses of virtual learning. And for the Hands, students will be able to follow along in person with the workshops, building a new skill that they can continue to practice on their own. 

Each week, we will send out the weekly "Program Passport", sharing which workshops we will be presenting to choose from that week. Some of the workshops we will be offering throughout the winter term include:
  • Cooking 
  • Crafts
  • Pet care 
  • Technology 
  • Writing 
And so much more! 

Please stay tuned into our library emails, newsletter and website to find out what programs we will be offering each Thursday, and join us on Zoom!
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