SORA by Overdrive, now at Bunn Library

The Bunn Library is proud to launch SORA by OverDrive - your one-stop shop for eBooks and Audiobooks!

Available for FREE to students, faculty, and staff. 

Ebooks and audiobooks at Bunn has never been easier -
Download EBooks and Audiobooks to your phone, tablet, or laptop computer.
Bookmark pages, adjust the layout and lighting, and jump from chapter to chapter with ease.

How do I get it?
Go to or download the SORA app through your app store (Apple or Google Play).
Sign in with your Lawrenceville email address (you may have to go through two-step authentication)

Items are on loan for 3 weeks, with the option to renew. You can return the book early, or it will disappear automatically on the due date. 

Are there other books you'd like to read or listen to through SORA?
Reach out to the librarians from the Bunn Library with requests and suggestions!
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