L10: Made by Students, for Students

L10 is high school video news reimagined. It is entirely student produced with weekly episodes and it ranks as one of the most popular broadcasts of its kind in the USA. Its mission — to provide vivid narratives that showcase the diverse and vibrant individuals and groups that comprise our community, while continually raising the creative and technical standards for student broadcast journalism.

L10 Board

Anchor and Managing Editor: Aidan Duffy '19
Executive Director of News: Annie Hait '19
Executive Manager of Production: Toby Ilogu '19
Senior News Correspondent: Makayla Boxley ’20
Senior Arts Correspondent: Isabel Sweeney '20
Senior Features Correspondent: Thacher Smith '20
Senior Sports Correspondent: Chloe Ashton '19
Head of Video Editing: Carolyn King '20
Head of Graphics: Max Wong '20
Head of Videography: Koch Kasemsantitham '19
Head of Photography: Christian Luu '19
Head of Social Media and Outreach: Madeline Reinhard '19
Faculty Advisor: Gil Domb P'17
Through House and Harkness, Lawrenceville challenges a diverse community of promising young people to lead lives of learning, integrity, and high purpose.  Our mission is to inspire the best in each to seek the best for all.