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"Community service has been such a personally rewarding way to spend my time. Every project I’ve participated in has just reinforced the idea that volunteering benefits the volunteers just as much as it does the recipients."

The Important Role Community Service Plays at Lawrenceville

The School's Community Service Program encourages all Lawrentians to connect with the greater
community, giving them the opportunity to engage with a variety of people outside the students'
immediate world. Because we want students to have a common service experience that enhances their
Lawrenceville education and builds community within and beyond the gates, the Community Service
graduation requirement is not based on a certain number of hours that a student must complete. 
Instead, students participate in three different types of community engagement.

  1. Lawrenceville Community Action Project (LCAP) to be completed in 9th, 10th, or 11th grade. LCAP examples include: a one-term weekly project (coordinated by CS office); being a counselor at Lawrenceville School Camp or Performing Arts Camp; or participating in a Harkness Travel Program Service Trip.
  2. Annual participation in the School’s Martin Luther King All-School Day of Service
  3. One-time events (All-School, House, club or team sponsored): 1-3 times before graduation depending on student’s entering year.
Students may choose from over 30 different weekly projects in the Trenton-Princeton-Lawrenceville
area. Typically, students do these projects during the evening or on Sunday afternoons if they are
playing a School sport, or on a Wednesday or Friday afternoon if they are involved in House or
lifetime athletics.

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  • A Sample of Weekly Community Service Projects:

    • Helping with homework and recreational activities in local after school programs
    • Playing with preschoolers from underserved communities
    • Teaching computer skills to senior citizens
    • Teaching children to ice skate on our rink or play golf on our golf course
    • Teaching adults with developmental delays to play tennis on our courts
    • Coordinating on campus weekly activities for elementary school children
    • Knitting with adults at a senior center
Students also sometimes develop their own weekly projects based on their interests and talents. Past student-initiated projects include on-campus squash, dance, chess and art programs for children.

Under the leadership of the Community Service Representative to the Student Council, the Community Service Council (composed of students who take a leadership role in community service) is responsible for organizing projects and for keeping the Houses informed about community service matters.

Independent community service that is done off campus will not meet the graduation requirement, but if the work meets our criteria and students provide proper documentation, these hours will be tabulated in a separate database.

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  • Photo of Rachel Cantlay P'07 '09 '11

    Rachel Cantlay P'07 '09 '11 

    Director of Community Service Program
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    Elizabeth Ferguson 

    Associate Director of Community Service

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