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  • Catholic Student Organization

    The Catholic Student Organization (CSO) supports students and their Catholic faith while at school. In addition to organizing a Roman Catholic mass weekly, there are various meetings throughout the year when students can discuss their shared Catholic faith, as well as community service projects in the surrounding communities. Many of our members and faculty advisors/leaders are part of the Religious Life Council and take part in other religious groups throughout campus.
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes

    The Fellowship of Christian Athletes meets weekly for fellowship and prayer. The leadership includes veteran Lawrenceville students, a Lawrenceville faculty member, and fairly regularly, local athletes from Princeton University. Encouragement and support are given to those who attend as they seek to find ways of connecting deeply in friendship with other Christian athletes in a setting apart from classrooms and athletic venues.
  • Hallelujah! Worship Committee

    The Hallelujah! Worship Committee (H!WC) is a lively group of worshippers who gather and participate in leadership in the wonderful and enriching Protestant service that is Hallelujah! Intentionally so, Hallelujah! services are exciting and upbeat and there is always a universal and uplifting message where students, parents, and teachers alike gather to hear powerful preaching and sing traditional hymns. The student leaders of this organization seek to provide a sacred space of worship to give thanks, praise, and enjoy each other’s company in the name of God.
  • Hindu Student Organization

    The Hindu Student Organization (HSO) is open to people of all creeds, backgrounds, and beliefs. The group celebrates unity in plurality, and invites participants and observers to define themselves and what brings them to the table. The HSO recognizes and embraces the fact that Hinduism means so many different things to different students, and provides a safe space for students to express themselves, practice their religion, and discover what spirituality or culture means to them. The HSO aims to be a leading, exemplary resource and source of information about Hinduism at Lawrenceville and beyond.
  • Jewish Student Organization

    The Jewish Student Organization (JSO) is the student arm of the Jewish Chaplaincy at The Lawrenceville School. Among the many activities of this dynamic group, which is supported by the Mayrock Family Fund, the organization sponsors religious activities such as Kabbalat Shabbat each week, as well as observance and celebration of the various Holydays during the academic year. Holyday meals are often prepared by students with the Rabbi at her home, enabling the student body to learn about Kashrut through hands-on experience. The JSO also creates and implements Jewish social and educational programming throughout the academic year as well as supports interfaith programming through The Interfaith Initiative at Lawrenceville.
  • F.O.C.U.S. Club

    The F.O.C.U.S. Club (Fellowship of Christians in Universities and Schools) meets weekly for fellowship, open inquiry, Bible study, and of course some food! All are welcome who are interested in learning more about a life of faith in the Christian tradition. Representatives from F.O.C.U.S lead the conversation, and student leaders encourage anyone with a desire for faith to attend and connect in this group.
  • Muslim Students Organization

    The Muslim Students Organization (MSO) provides interested Lawrenceville students with the opportunity to come together in a supportive environment and seeks to educate the greater Lawrenceville community about Islam. Annual events include lectures by visiting speakers and celebrations of the Muslim HolidaysEid al-AdhaandEid al-Fitr. There are also on-campus gatherings forjum'ah, the Friday congregational prayer, as well as occasional discussion groups.
  • Orthodox Christian Fellowship

    Orthodox Christian Fellowship (OCF) serves and supports students who identify with the Orthodox Christian tradition. It seeks to engage all members of the campus community who want to learn more about Orthodox teaching, practice and history, or simply want to develop the bonds that bring together all faith-based communities represented on campus. OCF sponsors occasional liturgical services at the campus Chapel, bible study gatherings, book discussions, and visits to nearby Orthodox congregations.
  • L6: Lawrenceville Sikhs

    The Sikh Club of Lawrenceville, founded in 2012, features an array of Sikh-related activities throughout the school year. Students can participate in the services at the nearby Sikh Sabha Gurdwara, with transportation organized by the Sikh Club. On campus the group meets thrice a trimester for Guru Granth Sahib Study, where they read, discuss, and translate the Sikh scriptures. The club hosts at least three Sikh awareness events a year that feature turban tying, langar (the free Sikh community meal), and kirtan (Sikh sacred musical performance). The Sikh Club also runs a trip to the New York City Sikh Day Parade each April.  
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