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  • Buddhist

    Buddhist meditation services are open to all and run weekly.  For those who prefer aesthetic manual labor as a way into Zen, there is a Zen Rock Garden Club, which works every year to beautify and make creative use of the School’s rock garden.  The Lawrenceville Buddhist Sangha is a new club run by students with an interest in the tradition, where a vibrant life of meditation and Buddhist cultural and educational opportunities are explored.
  • Christian

    Episcopal Church at Lawrenceville gathers for weekly worship. The School Chaplain leads the service of Holy Communion from the Episcopal Book of Common Prayer. The service includes a reading of a Psalm appointed for the day, a reflection, the sharing of the bread and wine, and a time of quiet. Many students cherish this weekly time to be in chapel, to be peaceful in the middle of the week, and to celebrate the Eucharist.

    Hallelujah! is an interdenominational worship experience that draws deeply from the richness and diversity of the African American church. H!, which is modeled after its predecessor on several university campuses, was founded at Lawrenceville in 2003 and meets as scheduled each month to offer a sacred space of worship where students can sing, clap, pray, and hear God’s word in an experience that feeds both the spirit and the intellect.

    Roman Catholic mass is held weekly on campus. Services are open to the public and are regularly attended by faculty and staff within Lawrenceville and persons in the Lawrenceville community. All Roman Catholic holy days of obligation and moveable feasts are celebrated and honored through chapel services as well as educational and social events.

    Vespers is a simple evening liturgy that may take various forms. Each evening may be dedicated to a meditation on a particular theme, such as a Choral Vespers, Organ Vespers, or Jazz Vespers, or a seasonal meditation, such as Advent Vespers, Epiphany Vespers, or Lenten Vespers. This time is meant to be a place of quiet rest, a space to reflect, to pray and be still, and to worship.
  • Hindu

    Hindu life at Lawrenceville aims to foster Hindu community through a combination of social and educational events. It is a joyous, welcoming family, committed to supporting students in their academic, social, and spiritual growth.

  • Humanist

    Humanists meet throughout the term as scheduled and affirm a rational philosophy informed by science, inspired by art, and motivated by compassion. In affirming the dignity of each human being, they advocate the extension of participatory democracy and the expansion of the open society, standing for human rights and social justice. Humanists recognize human beings as a part of nature and hold that values - be they religious, ethical, social, or political - have their source in human experience and culture.
  • Jewish

    Jewish life on The Lawrenceville School campus is rich and full, beginning with the weekly celebration of Shabbat. In the fall the School Rabbi provides for observance of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur supported by a warm, family-oriented, home-cooked meal. Students build their own unique Sukkah and come together to celebrate Simchat Torah reading. For Chanukah faculty members welcome students into their homes to light the Menorah each night and share the prayers and songs of the holiday. During Passover observance, Lawrenceville community members are invited to Seders and Kosher meals are made available to students.
  • Muslim

    Muslim prayer services are held on a weekly basis and the religious leader advisors also provide interested students with opportunities for further religious study and inquiry. Annual observance of the Muslim holidays of Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha occurs and the celebration is shared with the greater Lawrenceville community through various activities, literature, and educational events.
  • Sikh

    Sikh life at Lawrenceville is characterized by the three core principles of the faith: serving others, working honestly, and meditating on the Divine. The Sikh Club, in partnership with the local Sikh community, hosts a number of Sikh-related events throughout the school year, open to all, that highlight various aspects of the Sikh way of life.

Religious Life Leaders

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  • Photo of Sue Anne Steffey Morrow H'12

    Sue Anne Steffey Morrow H'12 

    Director of Spiritual and Religious Life; Religion Teacher; Chaplain
  • Photo of Peter Baktis

    Peter Baktis 

    Orthodox Chaplain
  • Photo of Erin Brown

    Erin Brown 

    Catholic Chaplain
  • Photo of Vineet Chander

    Vineet Chander 

    Leader for Hinduism
  • Photo of Greg B. Jones

    Greg B. Jones 

    Hallelujah! Chaplain
  • Photo of Philip Jordan '85

    Philip Jordan '85 

    Religion and Philosophy Teacher; Leader for Buddhism
  • Photo of Lauren Levy H'97 '01 P'01 '02 '09

    Lauren Levy H'97 '01 P'01 '02 '09 

    Religion Teacher; School Rabbi
  • Photo of Kameelah Mu'Min

    Kameelah Mu'Min 

    Religious Life Leader for Islam
  • Photo of Savraj Singh '99

    Savraj Singh '99 

    Leader for Sikhism
  • Photo of Nina Laubach

    Nina Laubach 

    Leader For Yoga & Meditation
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