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Fall Academic Calendar

Fall Classes Begin.  Instruction will continue through the semester without a Fall break.

No Classes – Yom Kippur.
OCTOBER 16 - 17
Virtual Parents’ Weekend/Conferences/Students must remain on campus.
Students Depart for Thanksgiving Break. Fall term classes conclude;  Students who are in year-long courses, and thus not taking final exams, can depart Thursday, November 19th

Winter Term Remote Classes Begin and will be conducted by Zoom from home. Students will not return to campus until after the New Year.

Health & Wellness

Information from the Health & Wellness Center

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Information about Classroom Learning

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Residential & Campus Life

Information about Living on Campus

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Athletics, Performing Arts, & CoCurriculars

Information about Athletics, Performing Arts, and Co-Curriculars

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Campus Operations

Information about Campus Facilities and Logistics

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Student Enrollment

Information regarding student enrollment.

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Suggestions and Information for Parents

This is an unprecedented time in our collective experience as parents. We are all facing new challenges in our personal, professional, community, and family lives. As we continue to partner for your child’s development, please remember that clear and open communication will be essential.

Stay Involved, but Allow for Independence

Your children have been developing their independence on campus, and this new virtual Lawrenceville experience should be framed as another opportunity to help them continue to set clear plans, stick to a routine, and manage their initial response to challenges. As Head of School Murray advises parents at the beginning of each school year, when your child comes to you with a problem, instead of jumping into action to resolve it for them, reply, “Ok, that sounds challenging. What’s your plan?”  This is the question that your child's advisor will ask. Communicating confidence in your child will give them the boost they need to take productive next steps.

Stay Connected with Your Child’s Campus Team

Heads of House, advisors, deans, and the doctors are all still available and ready with support and counsel. You should expect to continue to receive campus and House updates, but the personal and individual connections should also be maintained. When you have those moments when your child expresses frustration or is facing a challenge, and after you encourage their self-advocacy and problem-solving, follow-up in a day or two to see how the plan is progressing. 

More importantly, if there are any family challenges, especially illness, please let us know. While we are still pursuing academic excellence, our primary concern and responsibility is to support your child, and we stand ready to assist and adjust as necessary for each student.

Encourage a Physical Fitness/Mindfulness Routine

If the body is healthy, the mind will follow. Staying active, even when required to stay at home, is essential for physical and emotional health. Go for walks, and enjoy the chance to be together and connect after a day online. Find fun routines to do together in your home. Also know that Lawrenceville is hosting online fitness, meditation, and Yoga sessions. Do something each day, and make sure your child does as well.

Don't Worry, the Colleges All Understand

This moment in time can enhance but certainly will not impede your child’s development and college readiness or admissibility. Please focus on the present, optimizing these new experiences, clarifying what is important to you and your family, and reflect on how we are facing challenges together.

Be Open with Your Child, and Remember that We Will Get Through This

Having open conversations with your child is important for a number of reasons. You can model how to have concerns but remain practical and positive, and you can create moments for them to share their concerns and worries. You can signal your trust in them, and they can grow more open with their feelings. And finally, they know you well and will sense your worry and concern, so it is better to name it and talk.
Through House and Harkness, Lawrenceville challenges a diverse community of promising young people to lead lives of learning, integrity, and high purpose.  Our mission is to inspire the best in each to seek the best for all.