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  • If the Securities are Held by a Broker or Bank

    Please instruct your broker or bank to wire the securities to: Charles Schwab & Company via DTC participant #0164 - code 40 for receipt free to account "The Lawrenceville School," Gift Account #8767-8340. Lawrenceville's Tax ID number is 21-0634-503.

    **Note: In order to assure timely gift crediting and to facilitate processing, please notify the Gift Recorder of your gift intentions (stock name, quantity and designation) at this time.
  • On Your Own

    If you are holding securities, an efficient and safe method of transfer is to send the unendorsed certificate to: Jack Wertz P'22, Gift Records and Reporting Manager, The Lawrenceville School, P.O. Box 6125, Lawrenceville, NJ 08648.

    Securities are not negotiable without a signed stock power. You should mail a stock power for each certificate to the gift recorder in a separate envelope. The stock power should be signed exactly as your name appears on the stock certificate, but with no other information filled in. A letter stating the purpose should also be enclosed.

    Please do not use a transfer agent to reregister the security in Lawrenceville's name.
  • Other Possibilities for Gifts of Securities

    You may use marketable securities to make a planned gift that pays you an income or that passes assets to your children or grandchildren. Please e-mail  or call Jerry Muntz at (609) 620-6064 for details.
  • Valuation of a Gift of Securities

    For listed securities, the value of your gift is the mean between the high and low quotation on the date you make your gift, which is the date the securities pass unconditionally from your control.

    In the case of securities you mail, this date is the date of mailing.

    In the case of wire transfers, it is the date the securities enter the School's account.

Contact Information

All questions regarding securities can be directed to Jack Werts P'22, Gift Records and Reporting Manager at the School at (609) 620-6959.
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