Appalachia: Fair Trade Learning

Immerse yourself in a region in the midst of a reinvention.  Step out of your comfort zones into a landscape rich with natural resources yet struggling to survive and challenge your assumptions of rural communities as you learn to be an agent for change in your own community.

March 4-11, 2020

Williamson, a coal mining town in Mingo County, West Virginia, once boasted a population of over 50,000 residents. With the help of the thriving coal economy in the mid-20th century, jobs and education were accessible and abundant. In recent years, however, like much of rural West Virginia, Williamson has suffered the coal mining industry’s collapse. Added to the town’s troubles were a series of terrible floods, and subsequent de-populization. Williamson has also suffered from the devastating effects of the opioid crisis that has plagued much of the United States in recent years. As the town struggles to keep its population above 3,000, the community faces an uncertain future, and must create ways to redefine itself. 

In partnership with the non-profit organization Amizade, and the organization’s commitment to Fair Trade Learning, students will participate in a week of sustainable service learning in Williamston and neighboring Appalachian towns. There will be opportunities to engage with community partner organizations that emphasize sustainable development, participating in projects relating to education, agricultural and economic sustainability, and community health. Students will be given ample time to reflect on their work, as well as consider how principles of the sustainable, relationship-driven progress exemplified here might be applied to bettering their own communities. 

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Program Leaders
Autumn Sinai, Instruction and Engagement Librarian
Paula Clancy, Director of Library Services
Christopher Hyson, English Master

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