Hutchins Galleries

The Hutchins Galleries

The Hutchins Galleries are a home for the Lawrenceville School's permanent collection of art and a host for rotating exhibits of working, regional artists.

We hope to integrate art into the lives of people, inspiring individual reflection, community dialogue, and historical and cultural awareness. We believe in the power of art to stimulate creative thinking, aesthetic appreciation, and enjoyment. The exhibitions and programs of the galleries are intended to inspire and challenge the school community while offering a resource for teaching in all disciplines.


Current Exhibitions | April 29 - June 8, 2024

Fortune Favors the Bold

Works by Chi Modu '84

Views of Florence

From the Collection of Phillip Ellis Foster '56
Gallery Reception

Saturday, June 1, 2024

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The Hutchins Galleries are located within The Hutchins Center, adjacent to the Gruss Center of Art and Design (GCAD) The main entrance for the Hutchins Galleries is at the rear of the building, and can be accessed during open viewing hours.


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Chi Modu Portrait

Chi Modu

Photojournalist, Documentarian and Cultural Observer

Chi’s training as a photographer together with his unique perspective on life make him an uncanny observer of human nature, and a natural at mining provocative insights. As the founder of the strategic think tank Diverse Insights,Chi and his team bring insights to life using brilliant photography, a technique he calls Visual IQ™. Chi counts major ad agencies like Saatchi & Saatchi and advertisers like General Mills, Reebok, and Miller Beer among the companies that have benefitted from his fresh perspective.

Chi Modu passed away on May 19, 2021 at age 54.

As to why he called the exhibit Uncategorized—“People always want to put art and artists into neat little boxes. My work does not fit into any one stereotype and neither do I. I wanted to create something that is the opposite of putting labels on everything and make a statement against stereotyping in general. I don’t see this as just an exhibit. I want to start a movement.”

The first four images that went up in August of 2013 included two in SoHo – a 12’ x 9’ rarely seen photo of hip hop legend Tupac Shakur, and a riveting 25’ x 16’ photo of young school boys in the back of a church in Modu’s native Nigeria, and two in Brooklyn – a 16’ x 22’ photo of 21 year old Snoop Dogg shot in 1993 and never released, and a 22’ x 16’ shot of Method Man with smoke curling out of his mouth. In November, an iconic 22’ x 16’ photo of Notorious B.I.G. standing in front of the World Trade Towers went up in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Within 5 years of this photo being taken, both Biggie and the Towers would be gone.

In the summer of 2014, UNCATEGORIZED moved overseas to Finland, where it was the main exhibit at the Pori Art Museum and drew record breaking crowds. Yielding to public demand, Modu published a photography book in September 2016 entitled Tupac Shakur: UNCATEGORIZED.

Since the book was launched, UNCATEGORIZED has shown up in dramatic new ways in Seoul, Korea; Bangkok, Thailand; Oslo, Norway; Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, Brazil; Barcelona, Spain; Berlin, Germany; Los Angeles, CA; Riyadh, Saudi Arabia; Dubai, UAE and Lagos, Nigeria. His sponsors and collaborators have included everyone from Adidas to Budweiser. What began as making a bold statement in New York City has become a global movement, with Modu’s loyal fans traveling from city to city to see both him and his latest incarnation of UNCATEGORIZED.
Views of Florence
Views of Florence
Views of Florence


Views of Florence
Views of Florence

Past Exhibits


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Collection and Spaces

The generosity of Glenn H. Hutchins '73, provided the gift that allowed the Hutchins Galleries to be instituted on campus. The Hutchins Galleries are a gift of the Hutchins Family Foundation in honor of Marguerite and James Hutchins. The Lawrenceville School's art collection is made possible through the generosity and goodwill of its alumni and parents; The collection has grown rapidly in the past decade to well over 500 works of art that include an impressive collection of photography, sculpture, paintings, works on paper, ancient artifacts and textiles. Education remains the primary focus for the growth of Lawrenceville's collection.

The Hutchins Galleries
The Hutchins Galleries

Renovated and reopened in 2021, the Galleries will continue to provide arts education and a welcoming community space through rotating exhibitions of working artists and display of our permanent collection. The permanent collection is also intended to be a resource to the entire faculty, to encourage object and inquiry-focused opportunities that lend themselves well to the Harkness style of teaching. Through exhibition work, the Galleries will be yet another area on campus where students, faculty, alumni, and the local community are provided the opportunity to explore and appreciate the perspectives and identities of others, as well as their own.


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