Tsai Field House - Dining Hall Exterior

Tsai Field House

Foundational to every learning experience at Lawrenceville is a deliberate and constant effort to create a sense of belonging and affirmation for each and every student. This robust and transformative vision for education requires a holistic approach to student wellbeing, advancing each Lawrentian’s intellectual, emotional, and physical potential. By combining athletics, recreation, and dining, Tsai Field House realizes this vision. A state-of-the-art campus resource, Tsai Field House provides opportunities for competition, activity, socialization, and nourishment, extending the hallmarks of House, Harkness, and Heart to inspire the best in each Lawrentian.


A two-level dining hall for underformers, faculty, and staff provides an opportunity for the majority of the community to eat together in one space. Our long-standing practice of having all-School mealtimes for everyone highlights the importance of taking the time for food, conversation, and relationship building during the day.

The dining hall includes a robust salad bar with many options for fresh vegetables, fruit, and protein; a deli bar for making sandwiches; hot meal options with choices of entrees, sides, and soups prepared by our amazing dining staff; and make-it-yourself stations including a panini bar, omelet or pancake bar, noodle station, and other opportunities to prepare one’s own food.

Tsai Field House - Dining Hall





Our menus are designed for variety and inclusivity as well as nutrition and sustainability. We accommodate dietary restrictions, offer culturally responsive options, and inform students of potential allergens.

School Post Office
Having a post office right here on campus is a wonderful feature of community life. Packages are delivered to storage lockers to ensure security and protect deliveries. Community members can send outgoing mail and inter-campus mail as well.
Big Red Store
The Big Red Store is where all our Lawrenceville gear can be purchased. Branded clothing, accessories, and home goods are available as well as everyday items like snacks, personal care products, and school supplies.
Fitness Center
The fitness center is available to the entire community. With a full set of exercise equipment, it’s a space for everyone to maintain and improve their physical fitness at their own pace.

Community Gathering Spaces
With both indoor and outdoor spaces that are beautiful and offer comfortable seating options, there are many places to gather formally or informally within Tsai Field House. In addition to meeting rooms, private dining rooms, and the stands, there are general-use areas with adjustable seating and outdoor landscaped courtyards.

Big Red Reading Room
The Big Red Reading Room, which offers seating and also showcases our Athletic Hall of Fame plaques, is a place for alumni to gather, for current students to remember the Big Red spirit that came before them, and for all of us to celebrate our athletes, past and present.

All sports facilities have their own locker rooms, restrooms, and storage as well as ample seating for spectators. The facilities are maintained by a team of dedicated professionals and serve the whole community. Integral to most of our athletics spaces are live-streaming cameras so that families, friends, and recruiters can watch our Big Red Athletes shine from anywhere in the world.

Tsai Field House includes:

  • Indoor Track and Field Arena
  • Swimming Pool
  • Ice Rink
  • Basketball Court
  • Wrestling Arena
  • Squash Courts
  • Sports Medicine and Athletic Training Facilities 


Tsai Field House - Pool

The Joe and Clara Tsai Foundation

The Tsai Field House is named for alumnus Joe Tsai '82 and was brought to life by the Joe and Clara Tsai Foundation.
"We express through this gift our appreciation for what a Lawrenceville experience can do for young people and we wholeheartedly support Lawrenceville’s strategic vision of reinforcing campus life around a strong community."
Joe attended the Lawrenceville School from 1977 - 1982, where he played on the varsity lacrosse and football teams, contributed sports writing to student publications, and performed with the glee club. He went on to study law at Yale and to co-found the Alibaba Group. He owns the Brooklyn Nets and New York Liberty basketball teams and the San Diego Seals lacrosse team. Joe has been a member of the Lawrenceville School Board of Trustees since 2010.