DEI Strategic Plan

Statements of Belief

Equity, inclusion, and human dignity are at the heart of the community we aspire to be.
We therefore commit to the following beliefs fundamental to our Mission:
House Olympics

A Life of

A community diverse in identities, experiences, and perspectives leads to a life of learning, when each of us is willing to listen, to reflect, and to work toward developing richer understandings of ourselves and of the world around us.

A Life of

A life of integrity is an ethical life — a commitment to stand up for what’s right and just — and a coherent life — a commitment to be the same best version of ourselves in all settings and in our treatment of all people.

A Life of

A life of high purpose means giving at least as much as we receive, loving at least as much as we hope to be loved, showing at least as much patience and kindness as we hope to be shown. It means seeking to create a world that assures all human beings the unalienable dignity that is their birthright.

the Best
in Each

In order to inspire the best in each, we must engage in a culture that actively rejects racism. We can achieve a more just and equitable community when we invest fully in ourselves and in those around us — and when we expect the same in return.