For over 200 years, Lawrenceville has produced responsible leaders, creative innovators, and committed public servants - individuals who have been guided by a certain moral compass and who have used the gift of education wisely. Our confidence in our work comes from a faith in the enduring importance of the institution and the higher purpose that it serves.

Stephen Murray H'54 '55 '63 '65 '16 P'16 '21

Titles: Head of School, The Shelby Cullom Davis '26 Head of School
Through House and Harkness, Lawrenceville challenges a diverse community of promising young people to lead lives of learning, integrity, and high purpose. Our mission is to inspire the best in each to seek the best for all.

From Our Head of School


The Lawrenceville experience is more than 210 years in the making, and core to that heritage is the value we place on our close, caring community. Young people encounter rigorous challenges in a highly supportive environment, and with this careful preparation, year after year, our graduates head out into the world with the confidence to thrive and the conviction to make a difference.

The moment you walk on campus, you’ll start to get a feel. That feeling goes beyond the beautiful nineteenth century Houses and academic buildings on The Circle that evoke tradition. It is deeper than the creative spirit that you will see in our arts facilities. It is far more than the competitive edge you will recognize as you walk our playing fields, where our teams play hard, play fair, and play to win. You will be struck above all by the warmth of the people.

At the heart of this great school is the belief that our students dig deeper, reach higher, and stretch further when they feel the embrace of supportive peers and the mentorship of caring adults who know when and how to challenge them. That’s the Lawrenceville difference. This sense of community is fostered by the close-knit House system where young Lawrentians develop a deep sense of belonging; it is forged around the inspiring Harkness table, where teachers engage student intellect, encourage them to grapple with ideas, and teach lifelong respect and humility.

So let us welcome you to campus, walk the pathways with us, and get to know the warmth and strength of our community first hand. That feeling is real — that’s Lawrenceville!

Stephen S. Murray

Stephen S. Murray H’54 ’55 ’63 ’65 ’16 P’16 ’21
The Shelby Cullom Davis ’26 Head of School

Key Communications from our Head of School

Senior Staff

The Senior Staff group is the principal administrative committee representing all the major school departments. The group helps advise the Head of School and works on long-term planning for the school. Please click the names below to read biographies for our Senior Staff members.

Mary Kate Barnes H'59 '77 P'11 '13 '19

Titles: Assistant Head of School; Director of Advancement, Office of Alumni and Development

Cameron Brickhouse

Titles: Dean of Diversity, Inclusion, and Community Engagement; Teacher, History Department

Greg Buckles

Titles: The Shelby M.C. Davis '54 Dean of Enrollment Management, Office of Admission

Holly Burks Becker P'06 '09 '12

Titles: Co-Director, Office of College Counseling

Rae Chresfield

Titles: Dean of Campus Wellbeing

Pete DeVine P'22

Titles: Chief Operations Officer, Facilities Services

Jeffrey Durso-Finley P'13 '14 '19 '22

Titles: Co-Director, Office of College Counseling

Blake Eldridge '96 H’78 ’12 P’25

Titles: Interim Dean of Students; Teacher, English Department

Ben Hammond P'23 '25

Titles: Chief Financial and Administrative Officer

Marcia Isaacson

Titles: General Counsel; Director of Risk Management

Emilie Kosoff H'88 '96 '00 '18 '20 S'88 P'19

Titles: Assistant Head of School; Dean of Faculty; Teacher, History Department

Kristen Oberlin

Titles: Director, Office of Human Resources

Christopher Renjilian

Titles: Medical Director, Health and Wellness Center

Marquis Scott

Titles: Assistant Head of School

Bernadette Teeley P'24

Titles: Dean of Academics; Teacher, English Department

Tripp Welborne H'58 P'21 '24

Titles: Dean of Athletics and Co-Curricular Education, Athletics Department, The Allan P. Kirby '13 Chair for the Athletic Director

Jessica Welsh

Titles: Director of Communications and External Relations, Office of Communications

The Lawrenceville School Board of Trustees

Stephen S. Murray H'54 '55 '65 '16 P'16 '21
Head of School
Lawrenceville, New Jersey
Jonathan G. Weiss '75
New York, New York
Celeste Marie Mellet '94
Vice President
New York, New York
Benjamin C. Hammond P'23 '25
Secretary and Treasurer
Lawrenceville, New Jersey

Porter Braswell '07
New York, New York
Hyman J. Brody '75 P'07 '08 '11
Greenville, North Carolina
Michael P. Clifford '83 P'26
New York, New York
Vincent J. Cahill Jr. '68 P'09
Portland, Oregon
Jean S. Fang '90
Hong Kong
Jane Ferguson '04
New York, New York
Joseph B. Frumkin '76 P'11
New York, New York
Goodwin Gaw '87 P'21
Hong Kong, China
Benjamin H. Griswold '99
Palm Beach, Florida
Jefferson W. Kirby '80 P'11 '12 '15 '18
Telluride, Colorado
Marcus B. Mabry '85
New York, New York
Kate Moore '95
New York, New York
Juan A. Pujadas '79
Mamaroneck, New York
William L. Robbins '86
San Francisco, California
Corrente Schankler '98
New York, New York
Leucretia Brown Shaw '94
Blairstown, New Jersey
Daniel M. Tapiero '86 P'20 '22
Greenwich, Connecticut
Lisa M. Skeete Tatum P'19 '21
Plainsboro, New Jersey
Joseph C. Tsai '82
Hong Kong, China
Meera S. Viswanathan, Ph.D
Wakefield, Rhode Island
Kevin G. Volpp, M.D. '85 P'24
Wynnewood, Pennsylvania
Alexandra Buckley Voris '96
New York, New York
John E. Waldron '87
New York, New York
Elizabeth Greenberg Wilkinson '02
Bethesda, Maryland
T. Robert Zochowski, Jr. '82 P'13
New York, New York

Trustees Emeriti

William G. Bardel '57 P'93
Washington Depot, Connecticut
Whitney Hailand Brown '91 P'23 '25
Bedford, New York
Arthur H. Bunn '74 P'04 '06 '08
Springfield, Illinois
Willard Bunn III '62 P'93 '01 '07 GP'23 '25
Lake Forest, Illinois
Thomas L. Carter, Jr. '70 P'01 '05
Houston, Texas
Michael S. Chae '86
New York, New York
Melanie C. Clarke P'02 '05 '07 '10
Princeton, New Jersey
Judith-Ann Corrente '01 H'01 P'98 '01
New York, New York
Peter A. Dow '50
Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan
Edith Baird Eglin H'52 '65 '66 '67 '70 GP'19
Palm Beach, Florida
Darrell A. Fitzgerald '68
Atlanta, Georgia
Mortimer B. Fuller III '60 P'89 '01
Waverly, Pennsylvania
Bert A. Getz '55 H'56 P'85 GP'18 '20
Paradise Valley, Arizona
Bert A. Getz Jr. '85 P'18 '20
Naples, Florida
Luther T. Griffith '71 P'04
Atlanta, Georgia
Martin D. Gruss '60
Palm Beach, Florida
Leita Voss Hamill H'65 '88 '99 P'96 '99
Princeton, New Jersey
Glenn H. Hutchins '73
Rye, New York
Lynn D. Johnston H'54 P'92 '94
Princeton, New Jersey
Peter Lawson-Johnston '45 GP'95 '98 '15 '18
Hobe Sound, Florida
John A. Luetkemeyer, Jr. '59
Baltimore, Maryland
Clark F. MacKenzie '59 P'81
Cockeysville, Maryland
Charles E. Murphy III '66 P'90 '95 GP'21
Berkeley, California
David B. Ottaway '57 P'86 '91 GP'24
Washington, District of Columbia
Ronald S. Rolfe '63 P'21
New York, New York
Christina Seix Dow P'08
Tuxedo Park, New York
Truman T. Semans '45 P'87
Brooklandville, Maryland
Raymond G. Viault '63 P'96
Jupiter, Florida
Seth H. Waugh '76 P'19 '21
New York, New York
John C. Wellemeyer '55 P'18
Princeton, New Jersey