COVID-19 Dashboard



The Lawrenceville School’s return-to-campus plan for fall 2021 is dependent upon all eligible individuals being fully vaccinated against COVID-19, which was the basis for our vaccine mandate that we communicated in May. The School is only granting medical and religious exemptions.

Current self-reported vaccination rates (August 2021):
  • 99% of faculty
  • 91% of full-time staff
  • 98% of students

Information for Parents and Employees

Current as of
  Students Employees
Currently in Isolation1: 0 0
Currently in Quarantine2: 0 0
Number of Recovered Cases 4 3
Fall Term COVID-19 Cases 4 3
  1. Currently in Isolation: The number of individuals who have tested positive for COVID-19.
  2. Currently in Quarantine: The number of unvaccinated individuals who are currently in quarantine because they were identified as a close contact of someone who tested positive for COVID-19. (Per CDC guidelines, vaccinated individuals must self-monitor for symptoms but do not need to quarantine.)


Weekly Test Results

Testing Strategy

Testing will be conducted twice weekly, with results expected back in 48-72 hours. The number of individuals currently in isolation is reported immediately, while the number of individuals in quarantine will be updated as contact tracing is completed. Per CDC guidelines, vaccinated community members who are identified as close contacts should self-monitor for symptoms, but do not need to quarantine.
In addition to screening testing, Lawrenceville's Health Center will continue to test any symptomatic individuals with rapid PCR machines.
  • All students are required to bring proof of a negative pre-arrival PCR test, taken 3-5 days in advance of arriving to campus, to registration.
  • All students and employees will undergo twice-weekly onboarding testing during Phase 0/onboarding period of 8/20-9/5. This measure will help ensure the School has reliable data regarding the presence of COVID-19 on campus prior to the start of classes. The results will help inform how we proceed in classrooms, Houses, co-curriculars, and other aspects of the Lawrenceville experience.
  • All unvaccinated students and employees will continue to be tested twice-weekly through the School’s surveillance testing program.

COVID-19 Reporting: 2020 - 2021

The School conducted twice-weekly surveillance testing during the in-person fall and spring terms in 2020-21. This was supplemented by contact tracing with POM Readers and traditional methods, as well as other mitigation measures. Read more about Lawrenceville's COVID-19 mitigation and reopening strategy in this CDC report.
Spring Term 2021 Summary
Employees: 6 positive cases
Students: 8 positive cases
Turkey Term 2020 and Winter Term Summary 2021
Note: the School operated remotely during this time and students were not part of the testing protocol.
Employees: 3 positive cases
Fall Term 2020 Summary
Employees: 19 positive cases
Students: 8 positive cases