Big Red Sports Network Profile: Haley Williard ‘24

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Big Red Sports Network Profile: Haley Williard ‘24

By Claire Zhou ‘26

Softball is a definitive example of a team sport where, to be successful, all members of the team must  collaborate and be flexible. Hayley Williard ’25, co-captain of the Big Red varsity softball team, epitomizes these values.

According to Lawrenceville’s Assistant Softball Coach Rebecca Crane, Williard is a “great role player on our team. We have shuffled her around to different spots in the infield and in the lineup” and she has always “stepped up to fill wherever we need her.”

Softball has played a large part in Williard’s life, as she started playing when she was five. “Both of my older brothers played baseball and my dad worked on the baseball team in our area,” she said, “I started playing tee ball [before] transitioning into softball. And I've been playing ever since.”

Despite their differences in ability and experience level, there is a strong sense of fellowship and bonding on the Big Red softball team. Veteran Williard said she is “looking forward to watching our team grow” and is “excited to see everyone get better and work together as a team.” Squad members are eager to help each other, Williard said, and “comfortable with each other and know how to pick each other up during games.”

The self-motivated player takes her role as co-captain seriously. “I hope to get on base as much as possible, whether it is with hits or walks. I really want to help my team as much as possible,” she said. Her personal goal is to improve her fielding at shortstop. “It’s a new-ish position for me and I want to become a stronger and maximize my work in the infield,” Williard said.

She singled out Big Red’s upcoming game against Peddie as one for fans to watch. Due to inclement weather conditions, Lawrenceville’s home game against the Falcons was rained out, but Williard is looking forward to heading to Hightstown on April 23. 

“Peddie is a big game for us. I feel like we're pretty well matched. Sometimes we win, sometimes they win. It’s a coin-toss kind of a game,” she said.

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