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Big Red Sports Profile: Girls’ Cross Country Captains

By Ian Lee ‘24

Big Red Sports Network Reporter Ian Lee ‘24 recently caught up with girls’ cross country captains Reese Abromavage, Laney McDowell, and Elizabeth Parnell (all Class of 2023) to learn more about this year’s team.


Ian Lee ‘24: How long have you been running? How long for Lawrenceville?

Laney McDowell: I’ve been running for six years, and for three years for Lawrenceville.

Reese Abromavage: I’ve been running for eight years, and this is my fourth year running at Lawrenceville.

Elizabeth Parnell: I’ve been running for probably eight years, and this is my second year running here at Lawrenceville.


IL: What is the team dynamic like? How do you work to encourage a sense of unity and cooperation?

EP: Because cross country can have both individual and team successes, we’re able to bond at a different level than some other sports.

RA: Additionally, on a cross country team, your friends aren’t necessarily the same pace as you, so you end up running with people who you may not talk to as much, which broadens your horizons and you get to meet more people on the team.


IL: What goals do you have for the team as a whole?

LD: We really want people to be proud of their accomplishments and continue to push themselves.


IL: What are some strengths in the team that you’ve noticed? What about areas to work on?

LD: A lot of our newer runners and freshmen have a lot of ambition and are constantly wanting to do better, but as a team, we could definitely work on having a more positive outlook and growth-based mindset.


L: What’s been your favorite memory so far this season?

LD: [In a recent meet] I came in 13th place and that is my lucky number, so I was really excited about that.

EP: I really loved when had popsicles after a long run, because it really brought the team together; we were all just hanging out and chatting, and it was a really good team bonding experience.

RA: Something that my teammates and I like to do is to jump on the puddles used for pole vaulting. That’s pretty fun.


IL: Are there any particular meets to look out for?

LD: All the home meets [especially] Peddie [October 15, 2 p.m.].

RA: Also Hill Day is home this year, so show your support [November 5, 1:45 p.m.]!

EP: Show out for Lawrenceville XC!


For additional information, contact Lisa M. Gillard H'17, director of public relations, at lgillard@lawrenceville.org.