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Performing Arts Profile: Percussionist Henry Metz ’24

by Remko Wang Kiujs ’24 

Big Red Sports & Arts Reporter Remko Wang Kiujs ’24 recently caught up fellow Fourth Former Henry Metz to learn more about the percussionist and his experience as part of Lawrenceville’s Collegium Orchestra.

Remko Wang Kiujs: What do you enjoy most about playing the drums in the orchestra?

Henry Metz: I probably enjoy the powerful nature that comes with the orchestra playing in time in a nice environment, like the Chapel. The percussion, in particular, when synchronized, sounds pretty great.

RWK: How long have you been playing the drums, and how did you become interested in this instrument?

HM: I’ve been playing drums and percussion since second grade, and this is because of my dad. I remember when I was much younger, hearing the drums echo throughout the house…I wanted to be able to replicate it.

Henry Metz '24/Credit Remko Wang Kiujs '24

Credit: Remko Wang Kiujs ’24

RWK: What are some of the pieces that you have performed with Collegium, and which ones have been your favorites?

HM: We had a great program for the winter concert [on Dec. 11]. There was a classic Christmas song, which I don’t really feature in, but it’s great to hear the orchestra play. My personal favorites to play are the ones with a loud and booming gong or a complicated, but meticulously crafted section on the bass drum.

RWK: What advice do you have for young musicians who are interested in playing in the School orchestra?

HM: Go for it. Everyone is allowed in the Philharmonic Orchestra, and while the commitment may seem large at first, if you really are passionate about playing, you’ll stick through it.

RWK: Are there any key players in the orchestra you would like to highlight?

HM: There are so many, but if I had to pick a few, it’d be these. Ian Lee ’24 on trumpet and Will Huang ’24 on clarinet are great players. Of course, our concertmaster, Anabel Guerreiro ‘24, is a great violinist. And I’d like to give special recognition to Varun Venkataraman ‘26, my fellow percussionist. This is his first time in a concert orchestra, and he’s made great progress; I’m very happy for him.

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