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Take a “Sleigh Ride” with Lawrenceville’s Orchestras

Come take a “sleigh ride” through a winter wonderland of music as the Lawrenceville Collegium and Philharmonic Orchestras perform their seasonal concert on Dec. 11, 7 p.m., in the Edith Memorial Chapel. With an opening (by Mozart) and finale (by Leroy Anderson) of “Sleigh Ride” from 1755 and 1948, respectively, the audience is sure to be filled with holiday cheer.

“I hope everyone will come,” said Orchestra Director Elizabeth Guerriero, in her first year at Lawrenceville. “It’s going to be an exciting night.”

Students in the Lawrenceville Collegium (the School's highest level orchestra) will perform the U.S. East Coast premier “Of Tattered Threads and Recollections” by composer Sakari Dixon Vanderveer, who met with Lawrentians via Zoom in the fall to discuss the piece and her career. “I know that we have some composers in the orchestra who are doing some writing on their own, so they were excited to have the opportunity to talk with her and hear her story,” said Guerriero.

Philharmonic students, Guerriero said, are also excited to be playing “Alpha and Omega” by composer Soon Hee Newbold. “I knew we needed a really significant bedrock piece in the program and the kids love it,” she stated. “It has a film sound to it - it’s very dramatic.”

She created the program with counsel from her musicians, whom she surveyed at the start of the year. “I asked them to tell me a little about their musical experiences, what instruments they played, how long they had played, what they were listening to currently that they were loving, and what were some pieces that they wanted to play this year in orchestra,” she explained.

When asked what her goals were for the year, Guerriero said, “One of the most important jobs of the orchestra director is to build a sense of community. Regardless of whether students are at that highest level or they just want to show up and play [I want them to] feel glued together and have a good time.”

“Orchestra directing is so much fun,” she continued. I enjoy choosing the music and having the students have a lot of engagement and choice in the pieces that we play. I really love being here. It’s really fun.”

For additional information, contact Lisa M. Gillard H'17, director of public relations, at lgillard@lawrenceville.org.