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5 Questions 4 Annie Katz ‘22

Who would Student Council (StuCo) President Annie Katz ’22 want to meet around the Harkness table? What holiday does she love to celebrate? And what does she hope her presidential legacy will be? All this and more in 5 Questions 4!

If you could be part of a Harkness discussion with any three figures from history, who would you choose?

Toni Morrison, Alice Walker, and James Baldwin

What song will always get you out on the dance floor?

Though it’s incredibly easy to persuade me out to the dance floor, “Brandy” by Looking Glass (or anything from the 70s, really) will have me jumping out my seat.

What has been your favorite Lawrenceville class thus far?

Any term in Fourth Form English year or Ethics with Dr. Von

What holiday do you love to celebrate?

Easy: Halloween. Pumpkins, fall, candy, costumes, dancing, silliness … what’s not to love?

Every School President leaves a legacy - what do you hope yours will be?

My Student Council, in addition to my entire senior class, will play an integral role in this upcoming school year. As the only [current] class with a full year of non-COVID Lawrenceville, we have the responsibility to maintain the positive aspects of Lawrenceville’s culture while simultaneously forging new traditions in place of some of the old. As StuCo president, I am lucky enough to be able to lead the Class of ‘22 in giving the underformers the Lawrenceville experience we know and love.

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