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5 Questions 4 Danny Wang ‘24

What words of wisdom does Fifth Former Danny Wang have for incoming Lawrentians? What does he think is the best part of the House system? And how do you make a “dremonade” in Tsai Commons? Find out this and more in 5 Questions 4, the School’s sometimes serious, sometimes funny, quick take interview with Lawrenceville students and faculty.  

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What advice do you have for incoming Lawrentians?

Go to consultation and talk to your teachers from more than just class. If you don’t have work, get to your next period early and just talk with your teacher. Ask questions. Wash your sheets weekly.

What do you feel is the best part of the House system?

The connections and people you meet. The community you build spending with each other after check in is special to Lawrenceville. Forming connections with Heads of Houses and the duty team is unique to the House system, but most importantly, House Olympics.

What person, living or dead, inspires you?

Lebron James. His acting in "Space Jam" was phenomenal and he's just a great person. His greatness inspires me.

What is your favorite time of day?

Night. Everything’s quiet and tranquil. The feeling after you’re done with homework can’t be beaten. You put on some music and have some time for yourself, and just relax.

Favorite meal in the dining hall?

Chicken tenders and curly fries with a "dremonade" (dragon fruit with lemonade). I look forward to Tsai [Commons] lunches like this.

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