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5 Questions 4 Kathlynn Yao ‘25

Where would Kathlynn Yao ’25 she most like to travel? Who would she invite to address the student body? And is Jell-o a meal? All this and more in 5 Questions 4!  

If you could have an all-expenses paid trip anywhere, where would you go?

I would go to Cyprus or Greece.

What holiday do you love to celebrate?

Christmas for sure. Christmas songs, Christmas treats, Christmas decorations and the jolly spirit are essential to top off my year.

Favorite dining hall meal?

This is not necessarily a meal but I love the Jell-o at Irwin.

What is your favorite time of day?

My favorite time of day is dusk, specifically the “golden hour” when the freezing darkness has not yet arrived and everything just seems to glow.

If you could select any living person to address the student body, whom would you choose?

Trevor Noah. He’s hilarious and has a powerful message to deliver.

For additional information, please contact Lisa M. Gillard Hanson, director of Public Relations, at lgillard@lawrenceville.org.