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Andrew Boanoh ’23 Elected School President

By Nichole Jin ’24/The Lawrence

This past Wednesday, the Lawrenceville community voted for its next School President: Andrew Boanoh ’23. In his platform, Boanoh presented initiatives and adjustments directed towards improving all aspects of Lawrenceville student life—academic, social, and co-curricular.

In terms of social life, a notable part of Boanoh’s platform was his proposal for the establishment of an on-campus social center specifically tailored to the student body. Additionally, rather than just having a Hill Day as in previous years, Boanoh brought up the idea of a Hill Week, which would be entirely dedicated to increasing school spirit, organizing social gatherings, and preparing for the big day. Another strategy to boost school spirit was to have House Olympics in both the fall and the spring.

From an academic standpoint, Boanoh advocated for extending the amount of time in the evening that students have access to wifi and proposed that College Counseling begin reaching out to Fourth Formers starting in the fall term rather than the winter term.

Of course, with all the different ideas on his platform, Boanoh plans to prioritize a few goals. He feels that one of the most crucial aspects of his platform and his most urgent initiative to start working on is to create a designated student center in the new Tsai Field House. “It is the number one thing that I think people unanimously agree on...We don’t have a lot of free time here, and I want to create a place for people to just chill,” he said. He also wants to implement a spring term House Olympics over the summer so that people can “have something to look forward to” upon their return next year. Additionally, Boanoh wants to work on reforming the current visitation system, an idea not specified on his platform. “You have to go through a long, laborious process to go to a friend’s room...there is room for Lawrenceville to trust us more with [what] we do behind closed doors,” he said.

To facilitate more effective communication between the administration and the student body, Boanoh plans to hold Town Hall meetings once every term so students can voice their concerns and share their ideas. He also understands the importance of having productive and engaging conversations to create meaningful change, leading him to include the restructuring of Big Red Conversation Groups in his campaign.

Boanoh initially decided to run for president because of his love for the School. “I remember walking into Raymond [House] my [Second Form] year, and the moment I saw all these people around me, I knew I liked this place,” he said. Since then, Boanoh has spent a lot of time pondering how Lawrenceville can be improved to be a better school environment for both students and faculty. With “so much going on between the students and administration” this year, he felt especially motivated to run for School President and be able to play a role in enacting the change that people had been discussing.

Boanoh said that his favorite part of campaigning and the election was the speeches. “I really liked getting up there, and even if I didn’t end up winning the presidency, I was so glad to be able to get up in front of all those people and speak my mind,” he said. After communicating with a variety of different students and faculty members on the changes they would like to see at school, Boanoh came up with a platform he felt encapsulated the most important aspects of life at Lawrenceville and highlighted areas that most needed change. “It’s one thing to get ideas from your own head and put them down—I’m not representing me, I’m representing Lawrenceville,” he said.

Upon finding out he had won the election, Boanoh felt both thrilled and nervous. “I’m excited to get to work, but I’m a little bit nervous about what’s to come,” he said. With so many ideas as well as Vice President elections on his agenda, he wants to start working immediately to implement his ideas as soon as possible. Boanoh concluded, “I know it’s going to be a long year ahead, but I’m excited to take on the challenge.”

For additional information, please contact Lisa M. Gillard, director of public relations, at lgillard@lawrenceville.org.