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College Counseling Directors Share Expertise at Educator Conferences

Lawrenceville’s college counselors are often invited to share their expertise at locally, nationally, and globally. Up next for Holly Burks Becker and Jeff Durso-Finley, co-director of Lawrenceville’s college counseling department, is The Association of Boarding Schools (TABS) annual conference (Nov. 11-13 in Boston), where they will share their insights on adolescent stress, anxiety, and student health. The conference gathers boarding school professionals to address a variety of topics, including admission and financial aid; diversity, equity, and inclusion; student health and wellness; finance and school administration; and more.

At the TABS conference, Burks Becker and Durso-Finley will discuss what they’ve learned at Lawrenceville about ways to mitigate the stress of college-bound students, suggest continued adjustments for the future, and ways to support students in the face of profound social and global stressors.

Earlier this week, Durso-Finley was part of a panel discussion at the 2021 World Leading Schools Association (WLSA) College Admission Network Conference (CAN). The WLSA CAN brings together secondary school counsellors and university admissions officers from around the globe. 

Durso-Finley served on a panel with Jim Montoya (College Board chief of membership, governance and global security), Rick Shaw (Stanford University dean of admission and financial aid), and Timothy Brunold (University of Southern California dean of admission). The quartet addressed “"Access, Equity, and Financial Aid," discussing a range of issues related to international students and applying to U.S. colleges/universities 

“We talked about the role of diversity on college campuses - the pivotal role that universities and boarding schools play in conversations and commitment to access and equity. We also outlined how international students can find sources of financial aid, need-based scholarship, and educational opportunity in the United States, as well as the current state of applications and enrollment for international students here in America,” said Durso-Finley.

WLSC CAN gave him a lens into how higher education colleagues grapple with the same critical issues faced at Lawrenceville.

“It's a great learning opportunity for me as well as an opportunity to share the fantastic work that we're doing at Lawrenceville on these complex topics with the larger educational community, and in this case, share them globally!" said Durso-Finley.

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