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Fifth Form Prize Ceremony Celebrates Class of 2022

Lawrenceville’s annual Fifth Form Prize Ceremony honored members of the Class of 2022 for their individual achievements in all areas of School life. Congratulations to these remarkable Lawrentians, who will graduate from the School tomorrow!

THE EXCELLENCE IN LEADERSHIP - PERFORMING ARTS PRIZE:  For excellence in leadership in the discipline of Performing Arts. Presented to: Calli Colvin

THE JEAN S. STEPHENS PERFORMING ARTS DEPARTMENT PRIZE: For excellence in creativity in the performing arts. Presented to Quinn Thierfelder.

THE PETER CANDLER PERIWIG AWARD: For significant contribution and extraordinary dedication to the dramatic arts at Lawrenceville. This award was established in 1904, and renamed in honor of the longtime director of dramatic arts at Lawrenceville. Presented to: Robert Sebastian Cloniger

THE JAMES E. BLAKE PRIZE: For excellence in technical theater. Presented to: Jamie Margaret Nicholson

THE EXCELLENCE IN LEADERSHIP - DANCE PRIZE: Awarded to a Fifth Form student for significant contribution and extraordinary dedication to the art of dance. Presented to: Kajal Dongre

THE EXCELLENCE IN LEADERSHIP - MUSIC PRIZE:  Awarded to a Fifth Form student for significant contribution and extraordinary dedication to the musical arts at Lawrenceville. Presented to Dhruv Aditya Khurjekar

THE ADDISON H. GERY, JR. JAZZ PRIZE: Awarded to that member of the Fifth Form whose talent, energy, and performance skills have brought recognition to the medium of jazz in the School community. This award makes funds available for books and recordings of jazz in the library in the name of the recipient. Presented to Andrew Lenkowsky


THE EXCELLENCE IN VOCAL PERFORMANCE PRIZE: For general excellence in vocal performance. Presented to: Caroline Elle Bednar and Minh Le Tran

THE MATTHEW DOMINY PRIZE: This award is given to the student who has contributed most to the musical life of the School. Presented to: Katharine Liu Dillard

THE R. JACK GARVER VISUAL ARTS DEPARTMENT PRIZE: This award goes to a senior who has continually extended themself. Presented to Jiajie “Angel” Zhang

VISUAL ART DEPARTMENT VIDEO PRODUCTION PRIZE: Given to that Fifth Form student who has exhibited extraordinary skill and dedication as a filmmaker. Presented to Federica Naylor Sagebien and William Townsend Phillips

VISUAL ART DEPARTMENT FILM MAKING PRIZE: Given to that Fifth Form student who has exhibited extraordinary skill and dedication as a filmmaker. Presented to Lauren Elizabeth Kim

JOHN R. ROSE, JR. PRIZE: Awarded jointly by the visual art, performing arts and music Departments to a student who has demonstrated unusual creativity and who has made substantial contributions to the arts at Lawrenceville. Presented to: Delaney M. Musgrave



THE OWEN C. SMITH POETRY PRIZE: Established in 1986 by a gift from Owen C. Smith, Class of 1959, for excellence in the study of poetry. Presented to Mary Rose Beeken

THE POETRY OUT LOUD COMPETITION SCHOOL CHAMPION AWARD: In recognition of a student’s achievements in the national Poetry Out Loud recitation competition. Presented to: Delaney M. Musgrave

THE RELIGION and PHILOSOPHY DEPARTMENT PRIZE: Awarded in exceptional circumstances to a student who demonstrates through academic work a special and significant contribution to religious studies. Presented to Zhiming Samuel Tang

THE JAMES SIPPLE AWARD: Given in honor of Dr. James Sipple, accomplished scholar and past chair of the religion & philosophy Department, to the student who displays excellence in the area of religion with the writing of superior papers dealing with religious content. Presented to: Quinn Thierfelder

THE RELIGIOUS LIFE PRIZE: This award is given to that Fourth or Fifth Form student who best serves the School community through their energetic and imaginative commitment to religious life at Lawrenceville.  The Religious Life Prize is given to that student who best demonstrates and exemplifies an active, open, and respectful engagement based on their religious understanding and practice. Presented to: Sophia Sachar, Megan Ma, and Dhruv Aditya Khurjekar

THE JOHN W. GARTNER PRIZE: Awarded to that student who has shown the greatest devotion to the study of French for at least two years.  Books relating to the study of French will be given to the School library in the recipient’s name. Presented to: Caroline Rebecca Steib

THE JOHN P. PHELPS, JR. PRIZE: For accomplishment in the study of Spanish. Presented to: Sophie Guettel

THE CHINESE LANGUAGE PRIZE: For accomplishment in the study of Chinese. Presented to: Roderick Stelling Atwood

THE BENJAMIN H. TRASK CLASSICS PRIZE: Established in 1946 by a gift from Benjamin H. Trask, Class of 1907 for excellence in the study of classics. Presented to: Victor W. Park

THE FREDERICK P. KING PRIZE: Presented to that student who best exemplifies passion, dedication, and collaboration in the study of one or more languages. Presented to: Quinn Thierfelder

THE PAUL L. MARROW AWARD: Presented in memory of Paul Marrow, a dedicated employee of Lawrenceville, for excellence in science and citizenship. Presented to: Allison Paige Haworth

THE WENDELL HERTIG TAYLOR PRIZE: Presented to a member of the Fifth Form who has bridged the two worlds of science and the humanities. Presented to: Layla Shaffer

THE BENJAMIN F. HOWELL JR. SCIENCE PRIZE FUND: Presented for accomplishment in the study of a subject related to geophysics or any aspect of physics. Presented to: Bill Luo

THE LAWTHER O. SMITH COMPUTER SCIENCE PRIZE: This prize is for excellence in the study of computer science. Presented to: Maksym Bondarenko

WALKER W. STEVENSON, JR. PRIZE: To honor a member of the class who has most distinguished themselves by the achievement of excellence in the study of economics. Presented to: Matthew Kutam

FREE ENTERPRISE AWARD: For an economics essay that demonstrates the greatest understanding of free enterprise and the free market system. Presented to Houston Holford

THE STERLING MORTON PRIZE: Awarded to a student of United States history who submitted an outstanding research paper. Presented to: Zoha Khan

PARENTS AT LAWRENCEVILLE COMMUNITY SERVICE AWARD: Presented annually to a Fifth Former who has demonstrated an outstanding commitment to community service, a deep concern for the needs of others, and the quality of life in our communities. Presented to:Tesia Thomas and Andrew B. Paglia, Jr.

THE ROBERT MAMMANO FREZZA MEMORIAL: Named in memory of Bob Frezza, Class of 1998, this scholarship is given each year to a Lawrenceville senior who best exemplifies the values and potential that Bob evidenced during his short but dynamic life. Presented to: Sophie Guettel

THE COLIN SULLIVAN AWARD: A special prize for remarkable effort and expertise in the service of The Lawrence. This prize is named for and given to, as its first recipient, a young man who, with great technical skills and long hours of work fine tuning the paper, made this last year’s Lawrence as perfect a looking newspaper as it could possibly be. Presented to: Joshua Cigoianu

VIDEO JOURNALISM AWARD: In the field of publications, this award is given to that Fifth Form student who has demonstrated excellence in the field of video journalism. Presented to: Caroline Elle Bednar

THE RICHARD H. ROBINSON PRIZE: Awarded annually to that student who has shown the most conscientious and persistent effort in the field of publications and who, by faithfulness and initiative, has contributed most toward gaining the highest possible standards in this line of activity. Presented to: Carina Yizhang Li

THE HENRY C. WOODS, JR. CRITICAL WRITING AWARD: This award is given for the best essay for an English elective this year. It is given in honor of the outstanding contributions of Henry C. Woods, Jr., Class of 1940, who has by his unparalleled benefactions and long, distinguished service to the School as teacher, department chair, coach and trustee, transformed Lawrenceville for the best.  Presented to: Andrew Lenkowsky

INDEPENDENCE FOUNDATION PRIZE: Awarded for the best two or more years of work in the study of history. Presented to: Sara Xu

THE WILLIAM MAYHEW DICKEY ’64 PRIZE: Given to that two-year student of history who has consistently demonstrated the qualities of scholarship, sportsmanship, and service that characterized the lifetime achievements of Will Dickey, Class of 1964, and history teacher from 1978 through 2005. Presented to: Annie Katz

THE THOMAS F. SHARP INTERDISCIPLINARY AWARD: Established in honor of Thomas F. Sharp, poet, musician, and scholar to recognize achievement in textured and integrated thinking in the humanities. Presented to: Sophia Springer

THE MATHEMATICS FACULTY AWARD: In the opinion of the members of the math department, the recipient of this prize has demonstrated great perseverance to fulfill a strong desire to study mathematics. Presented to: Elizabeth Campbell FitzHugh

THE HOWARD HILL MATHEMATICS AWARD: Given to a senior who has shown the most outstanding achievement in mathematics. Presented to: Rebecca S. Chou

THE HERMAN HOLLERITH PRIZE: Awarded to the student who exhibits the most creativity, ingenuity, or entrepreneurial flair in the application of computer science. Presented to: Cole Randall Hansen

ALDO LEOPOLD ECOLOGY PRIZE: Presented in memory of conservationist Aldo Leopold, Class of 1905, for outstanding contributions to ecology and sustainability at Lawrenceville. Presented to: Marlene Guadian

THE HENRY AND JANIE WOODS PRIZE FOR RESEARCH SCIENCE: Awarded to an outstanding student in research science in memory of Mr. and Mrs. Woods, staunch supporters of science education at Lawrenceville. Presented to: Nikita B. Coppisetti and William Townsend Phillips

HUBERT ALYEA CHEMISTRY PRIZE: Awarded to an outstanding student for enthusiasm in the field of chemistry. Presented to: Arthur Z. Li


Cross Country (MAPL): Carina Li

Football (Lawrenceville): Garrett Durso-Finley

Soccer (MAPL): Matthew Kutam, Nikita Coppisetti

Volleyball (Lawrenceville):Caroline Steib, Sara Xu

Water Polo (Lawrenceville): Houston Holford, Nicole Cheng, Yendi Foo

Basketball (MAPL): Carina Beritela, Maria Sanmartin

Fencing (Lawrenceville): Connor King, Hadley Flanagan

Ice Hockey (Lawrenceville): Kyle Baek, Will Yee, Holly Kiernan, Layla Shaffer

Squash (MAPL): Matthew Kutam, Victor Park

Swimming & Diving (MAPL): Philip Park, Helen Liu

Indoor Track & Field (MAPL): Carina Li

Crew (MAPL): Arthur Li

Golf (MAPL): Harrison Berger, Ben Gubbay, Angel Zhang

Boys’ Tennis (MAPL): Dhruv Khurjekar, Rahil Patel

Outdoor Track & Field (MAPL): Carina Li

THE NICK GUSZ BEST MALE ATHLETE AWARD: Given annually to that member of the senior class who exhibits, in two or more sports, the highest degree of leadership, sportsmanship, and skill. It is awarded in honor of Nicholas F. Gusz, director of athletics at Lawrenceville from June 1966 to July 1984. Presented to: Gregory Foster

THE MELISSA MAGEE SPEIDEL BEST FEMALE ATHLETE AWARD: Given to that member of the senior class who exhibits in two or more sports the highest degree of leadership, sportsmanship, and skill. Awarded in honor of Melissa Magee Speidel, former associate athletic director and a member of the 1980 United States Field Hockey Team. Presented to: Charlotte Bednar

THE TOMMY SULLIVAN AWARD: Given annually to that member of the senior class, with two or more years of varsity experience, who best exemplifies the qualities of a true athlete: dedication, desire, congeniality, sportsmanship, and above all, competes as a team player. Presented to: Emma Ann Fleming

THE JOHN H. THOMPSON, JR. PRIZE: Awarded annually to that member of the Fifth Form who has demonstrated excellence as an athlete, a scholar, and a human being. Presented to: Madeline Aurora Samaan

THE ADAM and MACKELLAR VIOLICH AWARD: Awarded annually to two members of the Fifth Form who have demonstrated the qualities of an athlete and scholar on the playing field, as well as in the classroom, and who have earned a minimum of three letters in at least two different sports.  Presented to Joshua Cigoianu and Piper Carson Harrell

THE NEW JERSEY INDEPENDENT SCHOOLS ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION: The annual Nick Gusz Male Scholar Athlete award and the Jan Baker Female Scholar Athlete award to the top male and female scholar athletes in New Jersey for their academic and athletic achievements. Both winners in 2022 were from Lawrenceville, Tyler Minnino and Kiera Duffy

MAJOR L BLANKETS are given to members of the senior class who, over their years at Lawrenceville, have earned nine or more Major L letters for interscholastic participation on varsity teams. Presented to: Isabella Koch (Nine Major Ls for field hockey, indoor track & field, and lacrosse) and Hanaway Croddick (10 Major Ls for field hockey, swimming & diving, and crew)

L12 AWARD: Student-athletes who have earned varsity letters in all 11 eligible terms over their four years at Lawrenceville. Presented to: Kate McCann (11 Major Ls for cross country, indoor track & field, and softball), Kiera Duffy (11 Major Ls for field hockey, indoor/outdoor track & field), and Allison Haworth (11 Major Ls for cross country, indoor track & field, and softball)

THE KATHLEEN WALLACE AWARD: Presented to the best one-year Fifth Form student.  Presented to: Siri Barbro Alva Larsson Regnstrom

THE DIRECTOR’S AWARD: Awarded to a member of the senior class, who in the opinion of the Director of the Fifth Form and Fifth Form Heads of House has contributed significantly to the style and tone of the Form through their energy and spirit. Presented to Robert Sebastian Cloninger

THE BOCZKOWSKI AWARD: This award was a gift in recognition of Dr. Catherine Boczkowski’s 25th anniversary as a member of the faculty at Lawrenceville.  It has been given annually since 2002 to that young person in the graduating class who best exemplifies personal moral integrity and loyalty to Lawrenceville. Presented to: Quinn Thierfelder

THE DEANS’ AWARD: This award is given by the Head of School and the Deans to a Fifth Form student, who, by example, has shown steadfast dedication and consistent effort in the best traditions of the School. Presented to: Sophie Guettel

THE ELIZABETH LOUISE GRAY PRIZE: Presented to that student of at least two years who through energy, commitment, and service has joyously sought the fullest measure of the Lawrenceville experience. Presented to: Delaney M. Musgrave

THE ANDREW T. GOODYEAR CLASS OF 1983 AWARD: A special merit award to a student who has demonstrated unusual courage in overcoming adversity. Presented to: Maksym Bondarenko

THE MAX MAXWELL AWARD: This award was established by the African American-Latino Alliance in honor of Mr. Max Maxwell, for his dedication in helping students inside and outside the classroom during his 27 years of service to the school as an English teacher.  It is given annually to a senior who has demonstrated a dedication to diversity in his or her career at Lawrenceville. Presented to: Yendi Kai Nicole Foo

THE PHI BETA KAPPA AWARD: Presented to a member of the Fifth Form whose academic record is worthy of special praise. This award is named for the Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society, whose motto reads, “Love of learning is the guide to life.” Presented to: Arthur Z. Li

SCHOLAR’S PRIZE:  Awarded to the outstanding scholar of the Fifth Form. Presented to: William Townsend Phillips

THE AURELIAN HONOR SOCIETY AWARD: Each year the graduating class chooses one of their own to receive the Aurelian Honor Society Award. The citation reads, "Given to that member of the graduating class who is outstanding in sterling character, high scholarship, and forceful leadership -- qualities upon which the Aurelian Honor Society was founded at Yale University in 1910.” Presented to William Townsend Phillips

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