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From Flowering Plants to Organ Replacement: Lawrentians Present Their Research

The Gruss Center for Art and Design was abuzz November 10, as faculty, staff, and students flowed through the building to hear presentations on culminating research projects from Lawrenceville scholars and independent study projects.

The newly renovated Hutchins Galleries featured work by students in Lawrenceville’s Hutchins Scholars Program, which recognizes and supports some of the School’s most outstanding science students. This initiative provides Scholars with substantive research experiences, prepares them for leading university science programs, and ultimately inspires them to pursue science-related careers.

Under the guidance of science teacher Elizabeth Fox (Lawrenceville’s director of student research), Fifth Formers Josh Cigoianu, Ananya Malhotra, Witt Phillips, Tesia Thomas, and Lauren Zhang shared findings from their collaborations with the Stanford University School of Medicine’s Seung Kim lab. Their work is part of an effort aimed at finding better treatment – and possible cures – for pancreatic diseases.

2021 Fall Poster Night

Nikita Coppisetti, Nicole Cheng, Bryan Fan, and Ben Gubbay – all Fifth Formers - presented their research on plant evolution and biodiversity with science teacher John L. Clark. The 2021 program was developed in collaboration with the Marie Selby Botanical Garden in Sarasota, Fla., where students will have access to museum collections of plant specimens and cultivated live specimens. A team of scientists from the National Herbarium of Colombia (Bogota, Colombia), São Paulo State University – UNESAP (São Paulo Brazil), and Glenville State College (W.Va.) helped mentor the students in projects addressing the evolution, diversification, and taxonomy of flowering plants from the northern Andes.

2021 Fall Poster Night

Another cohort of Fifth Formers, Rebecca Chou, Dhruv Khurjekar, Helen Liu, Jordyn Vermut, and Hannah Xu Xin, shared research they did with Thomas Jefferson University faculty. Chou with Dr. Vakhtang Tchantschaleishvili (assisted circulation and organ replacement) and Krurjekar with Drs. Gaurav Jain and Avinoam Nevler (pancreas research). Xu Xin will work with Drs. Xin Liang Ma and Yajing Wang (cardiovascular research) and Liu will work with Hien T. Dang (liver cancer research).

2021 Fall Poster Night

The Hutchins Program, which also provides need-based financial aid to those Scholars who qualify, is made possible by a $5 million contribution given during the School's Bicentennial Campaign by Glenn '73 and Debbie Hutchins.

Leopold Scholars spent part of their summer studying the water quality in the Shipetaukin Creek that flows through the Lawrenceville campus and connects with the Delaware River Watershed. As part of a partnership with the Watershed Institute and the Stroud Water Research Center, students documented conditions of the creek and monitored water quality in advance of stream restoration efforts planned for the Tsai Field House project.

Event attendees also were invited to participate in the Design for Social Change class (taught the Theatre Director Matt Campbell) presentation, involving “Chindogu” inventions. The Japanese term chindogu translates to “unusual” and refers to inventions that present solutions to everyday problems, but may actually cause more problems than they solve! Participants were given two stickers and invited to select the inventions they found most appealing.

2021 Fall Poster Night

Hot chocolate and cookies capped under the tent outside the building capped off the night.

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