GCAD Honored by American Institute of Architecture

The American Institute of Architecture (AIA) has given Lawrenceville’s Gruss Center for Art and Design (GCAD) a Merit Award in the educational category in the 2023 AIA New England Architecture Awards. The award, which recognizes excellence in architecture across New England, was presented to Sasaki, the firm that designed GCAD.

GCAD is Lawrenceville’s creative design center and makerspace, a hub for innovation, collaboration, and creativity. The building features a print room, as well as machine, wood, and multipurpose workshops, plus a robotics room, clean lab, and meeting spaces. Students can use a wide variety of tools, ranging from laser cutters and 3D printers to CNC routers and welding equipment to innovate and create.

GCAD Woodshop

"The fact that this building is able to talk to the history of the campus as well as it reflects its progressive program through simple materials and transparency, is a big success," said Marta Guerra-Pastrian, Sasaki associate principal designer. "Beyond the site and program suitability, the judges look at scale, materiality, details, and how the space is crafted and used. We personally feel very proud of how this concept for the building is able to resonate through, as the jurors said, 'A very thoughtful “infill” project that respects the past and establishes a well-crafted, progressive space for the future.'"

GCAD Interior

Vinicius Gorgati, Sasaki’s principal architect, stated, "For Sasaki, to be selected among our peers and recognized in a category such as the educational category, which is highly competitive, makes us feel truly honored. We would like to congratulate the full design team, and especially to the vision of the Head of School Steve Murray and the donors that made this project possible, and gave us this opportunity.”

For additional information, contact Lisa M. Gillard H'17, director of public relations, at lgillard@lawrenceville.org.