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Lawrenceville GSA Leads Annual Pride Week Celebration

Lawrenceville’s student-directed Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA) led the School’s annual LGBTQ+ Pride Week with a host of activities.

“At the base level, I want our community to be thinking about issues pertaining to gender and sexuality and how they manifest on our campus,” said GSA President Eric Frankel ‘23. “It's incredibly easy to normalize having a gendered campus, or that the current queer representation on this campus is enough-- through this week of celebration and acknowledgement I want our school to re-examine the current climate and think about our direction from here.”

The week started with a Dinner and Dialogue meeting (featuring poetry and prose readings by LGBTQ+ authors), followed on Tuesday by a preview of the latest issue of Spectrum, Lawrenceville’s LGBTQ+ publication. Wednesday’s “crafternoon” offered students a chance to make Pride keychains and bracelets in the Bunn Library. Yesterday, GSA held a fundraiser for Pride and Less Prejudice, and invited students to a late-afternoon talk about the recent wave of laws prohibiting classroom discussion concerning gender identity or sexual orientation.

Today’s School day began with the second annual raising of the Pride Flag, beneath the U.S. flag, on the Lawrenceville flagpole. Seeing the flag, Frankel said, means, “That there's a place for me, for my friends, and for anyone who wants to learn regardless of being not heterosexual or not cis-gender. This doesn't mean I believe one flag on one day solves any system of domination or changes our institution, but if we didn't celebrate these wins we'd defeat ourselves before the battle was fought.” GSA Council Member Cassandra Dillard ’24 said, “Seeing the Pride Flag fly over Lawrenceville is a reminder that there is a supportive community here on campus. The raising of the Pride Flag to me feels almost like a ‘grand finale’ to Pride Week. It is so heartwarming to see all the students, teachers, and faculty who are willing to show up during their own free time to watch the raising of the Pride Flag.”

Some Lawrentians are also participating in today’s GLSEN Day of Silence, a national, student-led demonstration where LGBTQ+ students and allies all around the world take a vow of silence to protest the harmful effects of harassment and discrimination of LGBTQ+ people in schools.

“It has been so amazing seeing the number of supportive individuals this campus has. In particular, this week has helped me connect more with a variety of students and teachers who I had not known well before,” said Dillard. “I am so grateful for all of those who showed up to this week's discussions, bought Candy Grams, and came out to support our events.”

For additional information, please contact Lisa M. Gillard, director of public relations, at lgillard@lawrenceville.org.