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Lawrentians Elect Bryce Langdon ’24 as 2023-24 Student Body President

Congratulations to Bryce Langdon ’24, elected by Lawrentians as their student body president for the 2023-24 school year.

In an exclusive interview with Maggie Blundin ’24 (L10 News Anchor and Director of Production), Langdon said he is “super excited to get to work” and hopes to bring out the best of Lawrenceville next year. He explained that his best Lawrenceville experiences have been as a member of Dickinson House and he hopes to revitalize school spirit, create engaging weekends, and build an atmosphere where students can balance their academic, athletic, and social lives.

Langdon, who said his first order of business is to “learn the ropes” from current Student Council members, looks forward to leading a year of “transformative change.” He is eager to work as a voice for students with School administrators and encouraged Lawrentians to reach out to him with their ideas to “make next year the best year possible.”

Watch the L10 News interview with Langdon here.

For additional information, contact Lisa M. Gillard H'17, director of public relations, at lgillard@lawrenceville.org.