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Rebecca Chou ’22 Named Valedictorian

Staff Report from The Lawrence 

Rebecca Chou ’22 has been selected as the Valedictorian of the Class of 2022. Each year, Heads and Assistant Heads of Houses choose the Valedictorian from a group of Fifth Formers who both excel academically and participate actively in Lawrenceville’s community.

Throughout her Lawrenceville career, Chou has impacted many aspects of campus life, most notably as the President of the Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA) and through her heavy involvement in Spectrum, the GSA’s auxiliary publication. Chou recalled that her Second Form year, she was “a scared, closeted freshman,” but now, as GSA’s president, she has helped orchestrate many of its new events on campus, “from Pride Week to the Coming Out Panel to raising the Pride flag.” Chou treasures the memories and achievements that the GSA has accomplished during her time at the School. “My favorite Lawrenceville memory has to be raising the Pride flag for the first time,” Chou said, “Lawrenceville has not always been a welcoming space for queer students, so being able to watch our school celebrate queer identities so publicly was something I didn’t think I would get to see, let alone be a part of orchestrating. Being able to see the queer community come together publicly for the Day of Silence and being able to celebrate together was a moment I’ll never forget.”

When Fifth Form Level Director Etienne Bilodeau informed Chou of her appointment as Valedictorian, Chou recounted, “I had a ‘pinch me’ moment where I thought I was dreaming. I’m honored to have the privilege of addressing our class at such a huge milestone, and I just hope I can do it justice. It really just feels surreal to be Valedictorian, because I truly never expected this, but, more than anything, I’m incredibly grateful.” Chou will address the graduating Class of 2022 during Commencement on May 29, 2022.

After receiving the news, Chou joked that she “should have chosen [her] graduation dress more carefully.” However, all jokes aside, Chou’s journey at Lawrenceville has “been a wild ride,” she noted, “By nature, attending Lawrenceville means that you’re surrounded by brilliant and talented people, and it can be hard to feel like you measure up at times. I’ve definitely found myself doubting my place here because of that. On the flip side, though, learning from each of my friends and classmates has been incredibly rewarding.”

Reflecting on her time at Lawrenceville, Chou said, “Going to college, I’ll miss our community the most. Beyond even the close friendships I’ve made, I’ll miss being able to walk around campus and know the majority of the faces in any given place. I’ll miss passing time in the evenings with whoever is on duty, and the close-knit community of my House. Above all, the people have made [this place] feel like home.” Even though she may be parting ways with her friends geographically, Chou knows for certain that she’ll “hold on to the friendships [she’s] made here,” and she noted that she’s “definitely gotten through stressful [moments at Lawrenceville] by being surrounded by some of the most supportive and wonderful people [she’s] ever met.”

As one last piece of advice, Chou said, “Do what you love. When hard work is rewarding not from achieving the end goal, but from the work in and of itself, that’s when you’ll be at your best.”

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