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Satvik Dasariraju ’23 Named Valedictorian

From The Lawrence

Satvik Dasariraju ’23 has been selected as the Valedictorian of the Class of 2023. Each year, Heads and Assistant Heads of Houses choose the Valedictorian from a group of Fifth Formers who excel both academically and participate actively in Lawrenceville’s community.

As a tri-varsity athlete, Vice President of the Math Club, and a Prefect in the Raymond House, Dasariraju has accumulated numerous lessons over his past four years. Dasariraju recalled “his first run on Lawrenceville’s campus,” describing it as “unimaginable that running would come to be a defining part” of himself. “I’m immensely grateful for how running always humbles me, knocking me down, and putting me out of breath every time…Looking back, it’s this daily struggle that’s instilled in me a commitment to taking on challenges that seem far beyond me,” Dasariraju elaborated. Not only this, being a part of distance running teams has shown him the importance of using “care and discipline to plan and work hard over time.”

Reflecting on his experience in Math Club, Dasariraju noted how it seemed “so magical” that different students were able to work together, “unafraid of unknown unknowns and questions that might not have answers.” His activities at Lawrenceville have shaped him into who he is today.

For Dasariraju, serving as a Raymond House Prefect is one of the experiences he will “hold closest to [his] heart.” Whether it be “barn burner ping pong matches” or “riveting chess games,” he always found the role to be fun and fulfilling. “It’s changed the way I see myself and the power of the small things, like common room conversations or dining table discussions,” he said.

This year, Fifth Form Level Director Etienne Bilodeau was responsible for directing the valedictorian selection process. Upon hearing the news, Dasariraju felt a “rush and swirl of gratitude” along with a feeling of nervousness at having received such an opportunity. “Shaking Mr. Bilodeau’s hand, I really couldn’t tell if I was just imagining it all,” he reflected.

While it is still a long ways until Commencement on May 28, Dasariraju has already begun thinking of his speech, trying “to understand the ways in which [he’ll] reflect and look beyond [him]self to deliver the valediction.” He continued, saying that he “knows it’s [his] job to tie together our time here with truth and meaning. It’ll be little about [him] and a lot about us, [as a class]. The first words are tentatively something along the lines of “Good Morning,” but without a doubt, it’s very fitting that [his] last two words will be “thank you.”

Dasariraju knows it will be a “great challenge to honor even a fraction” of the brilliant achievements and incredible feats of his class. “I’ll try to give a send off to these four unexpected, unreal years and all that they’ve come to represent for us,” he concluded.

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