Hutchins Scholars in Science Research

Hutchins Scholars in Science Research provides Lawrenceville's most outstanding science students with substantive research experiences and helps prepare them for leading university science programs, as well as inspires pursuit of science-related careers. Scholars explore not only what we know in science, but also how knowledge is generated in the discipline. The program includes a two-week summer session in year one and a six-week summer internship in year two, as well as additional coursework in a Scholar’s junior year.

As part of the program, Scholars:

  • Participate in authentic scientific research on-campus in year one and off-campus in year two, gaining placement in well-respected lab settings across the United States.
  • Work with Lawrenceville science teachers in the field and in the lab to learn more about conducting research in science.
  • Complete an internship at a university, hospital, industry, or non-profit organization in collaboration with outside scientists, allowing Scholars to deepen their understanding of scientific research based on practical real-world experience.

There are three placement options for Scholars, including:

  • Hutchins Scholars: Six-week internship at a professional or university lab.
  • Hutchins Stanford Scholars: One-week trip to Stanford School of Medicine, followed by a five-week internship with Lawrenceville faculty member Dr. Elizabeth Fox. The internship is run in conjunction with the Seung Kim Lab at the Stanford School of Medicine, which specializes in research in the field of molecular genetics surrounding diseases of the pancreas.
  • Hutchins Jefferson Scholars: Seven week internship at one of several world-renowned labs at Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia.
"As someone who did not have an opportunity to do research prior to college, I find the opportunity to participate in research at the high school level to be outstanding. Students are exposed to different avenues of research including bioinformatics, cancer biology, organ replacement, linguistics, and even mindfulness. This will set them up with a much better understanding of their interests going forward. Not only are they able to explore different avenues of research, they are making valuable contributions and connections with the scientific community. I am fortunate to be able to work with students each year who are passionate about science and who continually invigorate and expand my own scientific knowledge."

Dr. Elizabeth Fox
Director of Hutchins Scholars in Science Research

"Lawrenceville prepared me for Princeton by providing me with a solid foundation in the sciences and mentors that took the time to explain difficult concepts in accessible ways. Specifically, the Hutchins Scholars program enabled me to learn modern lab techniques, design and execute my own experiment, and participate in a summer internship at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Research Center. I could not have made it [at Princeton] without it."

Jesse Brewer '18
Recipient of the Princeton University Thesis Prize in Molecular Biology