Lawrenceville Finance Society
The Lawrenceville Finance Society (LFS) was founded in Fall 2013 with the mission to strive to create a platform whereby alumni, parents, and friends can come together and hear from various Lawrentians in finance, some of whom are considered to be the most influential thought leaders in the world. In addition to keynote speaker events that take place twice each year, the group aims to provide opportunities in finance and the ability for all to "pay it forward" to the future generations of the School.
Lawrenceville Financial Society committee members will work to showcase various financial strategies and ideas through alumni events. The committee will plan 2-3 events per year in collaboration with the Alumni Engagement Office (AEO) that offer alumni the opportunity to offer networking in the finance field and discuss best practices to support young alumni in finance. The group’s most important endeavor is to create opportunities in finance for recently graduated Lawrentians.
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