Audiobooks and eBooks

Sora, by Overdrive: Download ficiton and nonfiction audiobooks and ebooks for free on your phone, tablet, or computer.
The Bunn Library now subscribes to Sora, a platform for audiobooks and ebooks, developed by Overdrive, specifically to provide extra features for students and teachers.

Download the Quick Start Guide from the Digital Collections page, or follow these steps to get started.

On a computer: 
On a Tablet or Smartphone: Download the Sora app from your app store (available for both Apple and Android)

All Devices
+ Select The Lawrenceville School
+ Sign into Sora using your Lawrenceville emaill address and password
+ You may need to go through two-step verification
+ Enjoy!

As always, do not hesitate contact any of the Bunn Librarians with your audio/ebook requests. 
Through House and Harkness, Lawrenceville challenges a diverse community of promising young people to lead lives of learning, integrity, and high purpose.  Our mission is to inspire the best in each to seek the best for all.