5 Questions 4: Stephanie Yoon ‘19

She’s an award-winning writer, prefect, and more. Meet Stephanie Yoon ’19, the subject of this week’s 5 Questions 4 feature.

Congratulations on earning a Scholastic Art & Writing Awards Gold Key! Can you tell me what inspired your award-winning piece?
I submitted one of writing pieces from my junior year English Capstone class. My personal memoir was centered around my grandparents' house in Korea where I visit every summer. I am lucky to be close with my grandparents and I wanted to write a piece that reflected the love and perseverance they manifest in their daily lives, something that has been incredibly formative to me. 
Who are your heroes in real life?
My heroes are not necessarily world-famous icons, but those people who challenge me to grow as a more selfless, compassionate, and healthy individual. At the top comes my late paternal grandmother. She was an incredibly resilient individual who spread unconditional love that I am always grateful for. On campus, [Mathematics Master] Mr. [Brent] Ferguson has been such an influential mentor. I've known him since freshman year and the love and passion he manifests in his day-to-day life has prompted me to cultivate something like that here at my time at Lawrenceville. My best friend Serena Chen '19 is also one of my heroes. We clicked instantly since freshman year and I am indebted to her for all the advice, deep-talks, laughs, and unconditional support I've shared with her. And lastly, my parents — I've come to appreciate my parents even more after coming to Lawrenceville. The amount of time, effort and love they pour out to me has pushed me to do the same to others at Lawrenceville.
Why did you decide to take Ancient Greek?
Because it sounded fun! I know it's such a simple answer, but honestly, not many high schoolers get the chance to take Greek!  I've taken Latin from freshman to junior year at Lawrenceville and grown to love Classics. Being in Honors Latin during junior year, there were no more higher Latin classes for me to take so instead of dropping language, I took on Greek! While it's definitely a new language, Greek holds a lot of similarities with Latin so it hasn't been too bad. And of course, my Greek class and teacher are amazing and equally dedicated to the class, it's always a fun time in Greek.
What's it like being a senior prefect living in the Second Form girls’ House?
It's been a rewarding experience to stand next to the freshmen as a mentor, friend, and peer — exactly where I started four years ago! As a senior now, I take some of the Lawrenceville charms for granted but living with the freshmen reminds me how lucky I am to be surrounded by such a vibrant community. I'm excited to see how the freshmen will go about Lawrenceville as the Class of 2019 graduates this spring. I'm thankful to have this reflective experience where I can help the youngest members of the Lawrenceville community.
Best meal in Abbott Dining Hall?
Not necessarily one meal, but the panini machine is my favorite parts of Abbott! And of course, adding the avocado from the salad bar doesn't hurt!
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