Lawrence Editorial Board CXXXIX Announced

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The 138th Board of The Lawrence is pleased to announce the selection of the 139th Board, which will begin its tenure in the spring term.
Leading the Board will be the upper management partnership of Editor-in-Chief Jeffrey Cai ’20 and Managing Editor Shirya Annamaneni ’20. Other Board members include News Editor Anika Bagaria ’20, Co-Opinions Editors Eric Zhu ’20 and Aileen Cui ’20, Co-Sports Editors Eric Morais ’21 and Gabriel Gaw ’21, Arts Editor Parrish Albahary ’20, Features Editor Shreya Kumar ’20, and Associate Editor Devin Kinney ’20.
Jasmine Zhang ’20 and Avigna Ramachandran ’21 will serve as Copy Editors. Photo Editor Divya Sameta ’20 will work alongside Graphics Editor Jeffrey Tao ’20 to enhance the visual aspects of the paper. As Web Editor, Areeq Hasan ’20 will manage the paper’s online presence.
Cai sees The Lawrence as both a news source and a forum for critical student discussion. Whether it is through breaking news articles or charged opinion pieces, he hopes to “delve deeper into every corner of the Lawrenceville community.”
As Annamaneni also believes that the paper is “first and foremost for the students,” she aims to increase the scope of articles published and ensure that they are relevant to the student body. In doing so, Annamaneni strives to “increase the amount of writer-ship and readership that we have and the overall reach of the paper.”
While Cai shares these sentiments on expanding the base of readers and outreach, he also emphasized the importance of balancing breadth and depth. To accomplish this, Cai aims to produce more theme-based issues because “focusing on one topic allows you to be more profound in what you’re saying.”
Cai hopes that this focus on singular but critical topics will set a higher standard for the paper. “That more important in journalism than widespread coverage. It’s about uncovering information that’s not available anywhere else,” Cai said.
In order to improve the overall efficiency of the office, Cai and Annamaneni plan to make internal changes as well. Cai aims to re-plan the weekly office schedule, sending out topic emails each Thursday at 6:00 p.m. so that writers will have sufficient time to conduct research and interviews before the weekend, allowing them to submit articles earlier in the week. He hopes that spreading the workload throughout the week will lead to higher quality content not only from writers but also from Board members.
Echoing this desire to improve the caliber of work from each editor, Annamaneni aspires to create an atmosphere that is simultaneously comfortable and productive. She said, “If [editors] trust [Cai] and [me] as both upper management and friends, I believe we’ll be able to cultivate inspiration and dedication to the paper.”
The 139th Board plans to host its first writers’ meeting this spring term for those interested in contributing to The Lawrence.
For additional information, please contact Lisa M. Gillard Hanson, director of Public Relations, at

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