Big Red Profile: Toby Webster ‘19

Laura Zvinys ‘20
Toby Webster ’19 is a defensive player who is on the top line of the Lawrenceville’s boys’ varsity ice hockey team. The Trentonian named Webster one of “high school ice hockey’s unsung players from around the area” because although he is not a leading scorer, the Fifth Former is an excellent playmaker that is essential to the team.
Laura Zvinys: When did you start playing ice hockey, and what has caused you to continue?
Toby Webster: I started playing hockey when I was five, but I started learning how to skate at Loucks Ice Rink when I was three. I continued to play because I loved the game and the teams I was on. I liked competing with other people and trying to be the best, but at the same time, I just tried to have fun with it.
LZ: What do you enjoy most about the Lawrenceville ice hockey team?
TW: The players, the friendships, and the camaraderie we share are definitely my favorite parts of the hockey team. Some of my best friends are on the team. All of the road trips and games, whether we win or lose, really bring us close.
LZ: How has the coach influenced you as both a player and as a person?
TW: Coach [Keith] Dupee has been a great influence on me. He was my Housemaster, so he helped me a lot in the House, as well as on the ice. He helped me find my niche within the team, as well as helped me find my role on the ice.
LZ: What do you consider to be your strengths and weaknesses as a hockey player?
TW: My strengths are holding us down as defense by keeping the puck out of the net and letting my linemates do the scoring. I’m not that great at offense, so my weakness is probably putting the puck in the back of the net.
LZ: Why do you think that The Trentonian named you one of high school ice hockey's unsung players from around the area?
TW: I think that it’s because I don’t put up that many points and don’t have that big of an impact on the score sheet, but I like to think that I keep the other team from scoring and keep goals against us low, especially on my line.
LZ: Where do you see yourself as an athlete in the coming years?
TW: I’m not sure about college athletics yet, but I’ll probably continue playing club hockey. I don’t know if I’m going to pursue juniors in ice hockey, Division One or Division Three, but I’ll most likely be on a club team just to play. I really love the sport so I’d like to continue doing it.
LZ: Do you have any hobbies outside of ice hockey?
TW: I have a couple, but hockey’s really takes up a lot of time in my life. I play all four seasons year round, so hockey is definitely my main hobby.
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