Admission: By the Numbers

Thomas D. Southworth/ Interim Dean of Enrollment Management
Interim Dean of Enrollment Management Thomas D. Southworth gives us a peek behind the scenes of Lawrenceville’s Admission Department and the work that’s gone into cultivating our newest group of Lawrentians.
Anyone and everyone who has ever worked in an Admission Office has grown accustomed to being asked, “So, how are the numbers looking?” I now offer you some of the numbers from this admission season. I believe they, both individually and collectively, will give a good sense of how the months have passed since June of 2018 when we officially kicked off this latest season. While some of these are my best “guesstimates,” I believe them to be reasonably accurate.
Where to begin? Let’s start with 22,000 phone calls received or made with, I am sure even more emails. Next comes the “road warrior” aspect with 165 days of travel covering 150,000 miles. These numbers helped to produce almost 4,600 inquiries leading to just over 2,150 interviews yielding an almost equal number of complete applications. And you know what follows hard on the heels of complete applications? Yes, a very careful and equally thorough review of each one of those applications. Lawrenceville has long believed that it is our obligation to devote as much time and energy to our reading of those files as the applicants have invested in completing them. That leads to another set of numbers. 3,100 hours of total file reading time was matched by well over 400 hours of admission committee meeting time. Now you have a better understanding of why my colleagues and I have been bleary-eyed since mid-January. But we made it! And now it is time to release the decisions, which brings us to my last set of numbers. Lawrenceville admission decisions will be read in 41 states and 35 countries. It is clear that the reach of Lawrenceville is extraordinary.
In closing, I simply want to offer on behalf of everyone in the Admission Office a heartfelt “thank you” to all of the very talented young women and men who submitted applications. It was both an honor and a pleasure for us to read about you. Our only regret is that we do not have enough spaces in the school to offer admission to more of you. Congratulations to all of you who were admitted. We hope we’ll be lucky enough to have you join the student body next September.
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