School Honors Staff Achievement & Service Milestones

On March 5, the Lawrenceville School held a special day of recognition to celebrate the accomplishments of all non-faculty employees. While much of their work goes on behind the scenes--from structural trades to accounting and from admissions to dining services--Lawrenceville would not be the special place it is without the contributions of these important members of the School community. Employees spent much of the day in fun-filled workshops, ranging from mastering your google drive to mastering your ice skating skills.
The day’s highlight came when Head Master Steve Murray lauded staff members for exemplary service as well as those who reached five-year service milestones.
The Marc McClung Award
The Marc McClung Award is given annually to a dining center employee who best demonstrates the work ethic and dedication to the Lawrenceville School community that Marc McClung displayed.
Marc began his employment with the Lawrenceville School in the spring of 1990. As a young father, only 18 years old, he worked very hard to prove he was dependable and ambitious. Starting as a kitchen utility worker, Marc consistently showed his ability and willingness to take on new responsibilities. His talents and ambition contributed to his promotion to sous chef in 1997. His work ethic and personality made Marc an inspiration to all who knew him. He passed away in 2006.
This year’s recipient of the McClung Award is Glen Owens.
The Pat Coughlan H'70 Award
The Coughlan Award was given by an anonymous alumnus in the Class of 1939 in honor of one of Lawrenceville’s most engaging personalities, Patrick J. Coughlan. Pat served the School for 50 years, from 1929 to 1979, during which time he rose from being a member of the grounds crew to the position of Head Groundsman. Remarkably, almost any alumnus who attended the School during Pat’s half century here counts him as a personal friend. He’s a School legend. Pat was made an honorary member of the Class of 1970, and a tree was planted on the Circle, in front of the Dickinson House, in commemoration of his lifelong service to the School.
The Pat Coughlan Award is given each year to a Facilities employee who merits special recognition and thanks for distinguished and dedicated service to the School.
This year’s recipient of the Coughlan award is Monica Hixson.
Henry and Janie Woods Meritorious Service Awards
This award is given annually to eight members of the administrative, professional, and hourly staff who have consistently gone above and beyond the call of duty during the previous year and have been positive forces at the Lawrenceville School in the spirit of Henry and Janie Woods.
The awards were presented to: Christina Goodrich, Colleen Martin, Paul Ochanas, Joseph Peperoni, Caitlyn Reading, Paloma Torres, Jennifer Wolgast, and Ryan Yura.
Part- and Full-Time Service Awards
Five years part-time service: Ian August (Bunn Library), Carol Cole (Bunn Library), and Robyn Campbell (College Counseling).
Ten years part-time service: Thomas Macheda (Public Safety)
20 years part-time service: Alice Jones (Bunn Library)
30 years part-time service: Joanne Ashton (Health & Wellness)
Five years full-time service: Kimberly Williard (Athletics), Jerry Muntz (Alumni & Development), Ronald McGuire (Facilities), Danielle Mongiello (Facilities), Elliot Levy (Facilities), Dennis Shapov (Communications), Jan Pavelec (ITS), Caitlyn Reading (Public Safety), Thomas Maple (Public Safety), Matthew Pappeterra (Facilities), and Barbara Walter (Jigger Shop).
Ten years full-time service: Kathleen Kafader (Children’s Center) and Monica Hixon (Facilities).
15 years full-time service: Susan Arik Yarunsinky (Children’s Center), Mary Andrews (Health & Wellness), William Dekovitch (Facilities), Rosina DiFlorio (Facilities), Joseph Rauth (Facilities), and Lisa Gillard (Communications).
20 years full-time service: Dorothy Quinn (Head Master’s Office), Karen Reading (Academic Dean’s Office), Sandra Dixon (Health & Wellness), Lawrence Messina (Facilities), Joseph Montonario (Public Safety), Evelyn Christie (Facilities), Joe Barnes (Facilities), and Gary Giberson (Sustainable Fare).
25 years full-time service: Dana Petras (Children’s Center)
30 years full-time service: Roberto Matias (Facilities) and Jonathan Hohl (Facilities).
35 years full-time service: Mark Offermann (Facilities)
40 years full-time service: Gary Skirzynski (Facilities)
Retirees: Susan Arik Yarusinsky (Children’s Center), Charles Little (Facilities), Theodore Warwick (Facilities), Juana Montanez (Facilities), and Nancy Smithey (Alumni & Development).
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