Ciao dall'Italia!

Ofure Ujadughele ’19 and Natalie Schur ‘20
Ciao dall'Italia! 14 Lawrentians are following the footsteps of Galieleo Galilei in Italy, immersing themselves in the history, science, religion, arts, math, and Italian culture of this Renaissance revolutionary. Trip leaders for this Lawrenceville Harkness Travel Program journey are James Cuthrell (Drama Master/Technical Director of the Kirby Arts Center), Karla Guido (Associate Director of Athletics), and Sunjin Seo (English Master).
They sent us a “postcard” from Day Two of their journey.
This morning we went to Padua by train where we saw the city, had a tour of the University where Galileo taught and visited the Duomo. We saw a lion with wings, S. Marco’s symbol, which also represents Venice. We thought this was very interesting, and then learned that Padua used to be part of Venice. Next, we returned to Venice and took the Vaporetto, a water taxi, to S. Marco Square where we experienced the tradition of Carnivale. Ms. Guido gave us masks to wear to join in on the celebration!
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