5 Questions 4: Marquis Scott

Opa! Where does Lawrenceville’s Chief Technology Officer most want to travel? What’s his best advice for keeping our computers secure? Find out this and more from Marquis Scott in this week’s 5 Questions 4.
Mac or PC?
Part of your job is managing cybersecurity for the Lawrenceville community. What’s one simple thing we should all do right now to make our computers more secure?
One of the great things about the ITS Department is its ability to provide resources aimed at identifying Spam and Phishing emails. These resources are critical to ensuring Lawrenceville community members are protected from the most common form of scam emails and cyber attacks. My hope is that our community members continue to read ITS group emails as they are the first step in protecting their computer and mobile devices from spam and phishing emails.
Which of your teachers at Hotchkiss most influenced you and how?
Mr. Charlie Frankenbauch. Charlie - still today - is one of my closest mentors and one of the main reasons I am where I am today. As I reflect on my relationship with Charlie - I would say the biggest, educational lesson he taught me was servant leadership and working in education is bigger than ourselves.
If you had 10 extra hours in a week, what would you do with the time?
Golf... and more golf. I would also bring my son with me to play golf during these 10 extra hours. I enjoy the challenge of competing against yourself to get better. My son, however, is more interested in driving the golf cart.
If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?
Athens, Greece. Athens, Greece is my second home as I have been traveling there since 1999. The food, beaches, and city culture are many of the wonderful things I appreciate about Athens. As I write this, I can only think about a Greek salad and tzatziki! As we say in Greece... OPA!
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