Join the Madness March 25 – April 1

Mark your calendar for the Big Red Dance and compete with Lawrenceville classes across the decades during Match Madness 2019! This giving challenge aimed at scoring 250 new gifts to The Lawrenceville Fund tips off on Monday, March 25, and the final buzzer sounds on April 1. Repeat gifts for this fiscal year are worth 2 points, while new gifts are worth 3 points. Every 10 points scored is worth 1 free throw, so participation matters! Scoring 250 new gifts unlocks an anonymous match of $25,000! The class that sinks the most points wins, with participants taking home their very own Lawrenceville swag for the trophy box.

All gifts/pledges made during Match Madness will support The Lawrenceville Fund – the School’s annual giving campaign and a vital component of Lawrenceville's operating budget.

Create your own buzz and help spread the word about Match Madness by using the hashtag #BigRedMatchMadness on social media. Follow our @lvillealumni Instagram stories all week for updates on which classes are in the lead! Don’t get fouled out! Mark your calendar today for March 25-April 1 and help your class advance to the championship round!

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