5 Questions 4: Jonny Yue ‘19

He’s presented original research at academic conferences (Botany 2018 and the 61st annual Gesneriad Society Convention), was part of the inaugural class of Lawrenceville Leopold Scholars, and received a Welles Grant from the School to create an environmental science curriculum for kids. Why does Jonny Yue ‘19 care so much about making the world a greener place? Find out this and more in this week’s 5 Questions 4.
With your Welles Grant, you created an environmental education curriculum for underserved children in Louisiana. What inspired your personal passion for environmental science?
My interest in the environment began at six when I participated in a drawing contest on energy conservation. I researched and depicted many ways to conserve energy and was awarded a Global Grand Prize. This rewarding and powerful learning experience made me realize that early environmental education is crucial. As such, I created an environmental awareness education program for underserved children in Louisiana. I am truly grateful for the support from Lawrenceville's Welles Grant.
As a Leopold Scholar, you helped build a Tiny House for School Camp. Other than the obvious necessities, what would you absolutely have to make room for in your own Tiny House?
An audio system – in fact, throughout the summer of building the Tiny House, the team’s biggest disagreement was who got the aux for the day.
What’s been your favorite Lawrenceville class?
Honors Ecology: Field Botany with Dr. John Clark has been a really unique class, especially after having participated in the Ecuador Botanical Research Expedition. Fall term was mostly spent outdoors to work directly with trees and winter term in the lab to investigate the evolutionary relationships between different plant species.
What living person do you most admire?
Kobe Bryant for his work ethic on the court. His continued success and ambition after basketball have been just as impressive.
What’s something every Lawrentian should do before he/she graduates?
Thank the faculty and staff for everything they have done.
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