5 Questions 4: Cameron Desnoes ‘19

Prefect, team captain, singer … Cameron Desnoes ’19 does it all at Lawrenceville. But what talent does he wish he had? Find out this and more in this week’s 5 Questions 4.
What have you learned as a Hamill House Prefect?
The most important thing I have learned as a Hamill Prefect is to be as welcoming as possible in all regards. Since taking on the role of Prefect, I have made sure to always stop by everyone’s rooms in the House and just see what’s new in their lives. Simply by making an effort and showing the people in the House that you care about getting to know them brings people out of their shells. As a result I have learned how diverse our campus is -- and even in Hamill, that once you get to know people better, everyone is so talented and unique.
You’ve captained both the boys’ varsity soccer and track teams. If you had to pick only one sport to continue, which would it be?
Although I compete on both winter and spring track teams, I have always considered soccer my main sport -- which leans me towards continuing soccer into college. I have loved soccer since I was little, and the role of goalkeeper shaped me as a person growing up. Regardless, I know there is always a lot of hard training in soccer, so I will never be fully out of shape to run a 1600m race!
What song would you love VoiceMale to perform?
“Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You” by Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. We are actually currently working on the song for School meeting! The song is so great because it has many different layers and is smooth but also very fun to perform!
What’s something every Lawrentian should do before he/she graduates?
As a distance runner I have an inside look on how beautiful some of the parks are around Lawrenceville, nonetheless, the majority of Lawrentians don’t know how close such beautiful areas are! I would recommend every Lawrentian to either walk the [Delaware & Raritan] Canal or go to the Mercer Meadows Trail in the fall. It's great to see the scenery of Mercer County and to know the area around us better!
What talent would you most like to have?
I would most like to be good at videography! I have always been very interested in film and documenting fun parts of life -- like a ski trip, or summer. However, I don't quite have the cinematographic eye that I wish I did!
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